Waterline Controls to Participate in Seattle Public Utilities Cooling Tower Incentive Program

Rebates for Waterline Controllers are now available from a new conservation assistance program offered by the Seattle Public Utilities.

Tempe, Az, April 27, 2015 (Newswire) -Waterline Controls®, in cooperation with FluidTEK, is proud to announce their participation in the Seattle public utilities cooling tower incentive program, which used Waterline Controls systems as the basis for the program’s evaluation process.

The program is designed to help local Seattle businesses get help, education and support in monitoring and reducing water usage. A Cooling Tower Efficiency Manual has been produced outlining the best ways for local businesses to use and save water. All participating businesses are asked to commit to these efficiency practices.

"You will save money, save water, and receive up to $7500 in rebates plus free equipment and support from our knowledgeable staff"

Seattle PUC

This program offers up to $7500 in total rebates, plus a savings in water use and therefore costs. Required monitoring and testing equipment includes an Electronic Water Level Controller, with up to $3000 in rebates available specifically for it.

Logging and data collection equipment will monitor the water usage allowing businesses to understand and regulate their water usage. The data will also help provide additional information on water usage patterns and help highlight areas for improvement. SPU will cover the 4 required quarterly testing fees for businesses during participation it the program.

Waterline Controls equipment is distributed through local area dealer FluidTEK. They are the service division of Johnson Barrow Inc., which is a leading HVAC manufacturer’s representative firm in the Northwest, located in Seattle. Read more about our involvement here: http://www.waterlinecontrols.com/2015/04/cooling-tower-utility-rebate-program

To sign up for this program contact one of the water specialists at the SPU directly by calling (206) 343-8505, or visit:

FluidTEK \ Tower Solutions Group
2203 23rd Ave S
Seattle, WA 98144
206-284-1476 / 800-334-3405

If you are located in another part of country and would like to help make a program like this possible in your area, please contact Waterline Controls for assistance.

Waterline Controls
1930 E 3rd St, Suite 8
Tempe, AZ 85281
408-905-1892 / 888-905-1892

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