Waterline Controls Debuts New Water Saving Product at Weftec 2015

Waterline Controls Debuts their newest water saving product the Nina™ at WEFTEC 2015. With proper water level control a requirement for economic and ecologic responsibility, the Nina™ liquid level system for OEM's will allow advanced level control in OEM level controllers.

Waterline Controls is proud to announce that they will publicly debut their new OEM  Liquid Level Control, the NINA, at booth #1794 the Weftec 2015 Chicago Show.

The WLC NINA™ Series may look like the competition but the unit is revolutionary in its design. The Nina is an advanced, state of the art system which can be installed onto any 508A panel where water level or liquid level controls are necessary, and can be configured twenty different ways to monitor and control liquid levels. On display at WEFTEC 2015 there will be a working demonstration unit where visitors can get a hands-on example of its function. This simple demonstration unit will show the advanced operation and simplicity of use of the Nina system. The WLC NINA has been through rigorous testing, demonstrating a dependable minimum 15 year life cycle. The reliability is backed up with a Lifetime Limited Warranty just like all WLC products.

"The WLC Nina™ is a compact, complementary, and universal liquid level system that can be installed onto any OEM control system or panel where water level or liquid level controls are necessary."

Bill Seneff, President, Waterline Controls

 According to Waterline Controls President Bill Seneff, “The NINA was designed both for the OEM Manufacturer and for the UL508a Shop that needs to add liquid leveling controls or monitoring into their systems directly.”

 WEFTEC 2015 is the largest annual water quality exhibition in the world and will be held at McCormick Place in Chicago, Ill., from September 26-30, 2015. Filled with the latest cutting-edge technologies from more than 1,000 leading companies.

 Bill Seneff of Waterline Controls commented on the Nina, saying “We’ll work directly with you to get you approved to build the Nina solution into your System. Since the NINA is so compact it allows the abandonment of some relays, whenever the alternating output programs are employed.” “This gives the manufacturer much more flexibility and reliability, while reducing costs and providing greatly increased customer satisfaction, and greatly reducing future maintenance, improving water level control and thus conserving time and resources.”

 Visit booth #1794 the Weftec 2015 Chicago Show for more information, a demonstration, and a conversation with Waterline Controls President and the designer of the Nina system, Bill Seneff, who will be in attendance and ready and will to work with you and to answer any questions in person.

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