Waterline Controls Offers System to Meet Deadline for Austin Cooling Tower Registration

Waterline Controls' Liquid Level Controller Provides Needed Upgrades to Meet New Requirements as Deadline Approaches for Austin Cooling Tower Registration.


Current local plumbing code in the city of Austin, TX requires new and replacement cooling towers to include overflow alarms. Existing cooling towers must be upgraded, as needed, and registered by December 31, 2017.

Waterline Controls is offering a system to help achieve compliance. Waterline Controls stainless steel electronic sensors and solid state software driven controllers offer connectivity, accuracy and reliability, with a multi-wire connection for BMS or Building Automation.

The City ordinance requires that cooling towers must have:

1. Make-up and Blow-Down meters.
2. Conductivity Controller.
3. Drift Eliminators with a drift rate of not more than 0.005% of the tower circulating rate.
4. Cold water basin high level alarm.
5. Must operate at a minimum of 5 cycles of concentration.

“For cooling towers of 100 tons or more, the make-up and overflow meters, and the over flow alarm shall be connected to the building’s Central energy Management System or Utility Monitoring Dashboard.”

Waterline Controls model WLC-6000, includes a high level alarm, make-up water control, low alarm and a low water level cutout…one that can save expensive pumps from running dry. We also recommend slow-closing solenoids for make-up water. These solenoids are superior to mechanical floats in that they can handle high city-water without pressure reducers.

The representative for Waterline Controls in the Austin area is Dreher & Associates at:

Waterline Controls
8350 E Evans Road Ste C3
Scottsdale, AZ 85260


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Source: Waterline Controls

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