Walnut Creek Remodeling Contractor Goes to Europe to Study Design & Architecture - You Won't Believe What They Learned

Gordon Reese Construction, Inc

In a recent trip to France, the directors of Gordon Reese Construction, a premium home design and home remodeling company based in the Bay Area, undertook a study and overview of European architecture, design and artistic influence in both modern and historical construction. Directors Michelle and Gordon Reese explored the artistic history of classic European design, and how it has blended with modern function and fashion to create a transitional style that is truly stunning. The directors of Gordon Reese Construction hope to bring some of this stunning design inspiration into the homes of Walnut Creek, Danville, Orinda, Alamo, Lafayette, San Ramon, Pleasant Hill, and Concord, with the unique blend of classic style and quality craftsmanship that is characteristic of European design.

Of obvious distinction in the classic European design observed by Michelle and Gordon Reese was the use of traditional styles featured alongside modern designs, in simple yet artistic settings. Blended with the convenience of modern amenities, ancient mosaic tile artwork and classic painted French tiles are featured in homes and historic buildings. In classic muted shades of cream, terracotta and deep royal blue, these tiles add a subtle artistic touch, drawing inspiration from ancient design.

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Gordon Reese, Owner & President, Gordon Reese Construction

Other design and architecture features borrowed from the past include ornate railings to accentuate and embellish exterior home design, and with even exterior lighting featuring its own unique character and style no detail is left to chance. European style is encapsulated in adding just the right amount of lavish detail and ornate features, without becoming overelaborate. In modern Europe, finding the right mix between contemporary style and functionality, while blending in the artistic history is of prime importance.

Modern European design and architecture features clean cut lines and compact construction, designed for the small spaces common in metropolitan European cities. In these modern designs, high functionality is key – with less space for added features and amenities, every component must be highly efficient and effective. This quality was reflected in the observed bathroom designs that featured compact tubs and small cabinets and appliances, for maximum utility in minimum space. The compact designs are also ideal for kitchen remodels in small homes where the need for high efficiency is crucial.

But rather than divorcing the beautiful artistic style of times past from modern convenience, European style merges the two in a unique and captivating style. While preserving artistic features such as ornate door handles and classic architecture, modern European homes are updated with bathroom remodels featuring modern styles such as trough sinks and highly contemporary lighting. The simplicity and sophistication of modern European design blends perfectly with the classic artistic style of the past.

Their investigation and study of European design and architecture has brought to Gordon and Michelle Reese the inspiration to bring some of these designs and details to feature in modern Californian homes as well.

Source: Gordon Reese Construction, Inc.

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