How Creative Interior Design is Changing Businesses

The California Design Legislation wants to provide an example of how a recent collaboration of a technology company and a design company can bring greater creativity, technology and ergonomics into the interior design of workspaces. This design innovation comes off the back of research showing that more creatively designed environments foster greater creativity and innovation in workers. As technology, furniture and design intersect, we can see the future of businesses and the work process.

The design collaboration resulted in the engineering of unique and specifically crafted workspaces to meet the needs of the users and accommodate task they are completing. Workplaces are constructed to adjust to the individual whether they are working alone, in pairs, or in a group. Unique technology is implemented to maximize creative thinking and capture diverse perspectives when working in a collaborative setting. The individual rooms - the Focus Studio and the Respite Room - are designed for individual concentration and rejuvenation. The Duo Studio and the Ideation Hub, created for two people and larger groups respectively, are designed to facilitate collaboration between employees. The Makers Common, an open plan creative space, makes switching between conversation, experimentation and concentration quick and easy, to allow ideas to flow.

"Most employees are still working with outdated technology and in places that are rooted in the past, which makes it difficult for them to work in new, creative ways"

Bob O'Donnell, Founder TECHnalysis

This integration of technology, design and office furniture is a direct response to the question of how to make the workplace perform better for the worker. Bob O’Donnell, president, founder, and chief analyst at California-based technology research and consulting firm TECHnalysis Research says “Most employees are still working with outdated technology and in places that are rooted in the past, which makes it difficult for them to work in new, creative ways”. New innovations in workplace design and technology promise innovative approaches to work, and better outcomes for employees and businesses.

This example towards gearing office interior design to the creative process is not an anomaly. In fact, it is part of a trend that is steadily growing momentum year after year. Engineering the ideal workplace is about more than just adding daylight and an office pot plant. Office design is increasingly seen as a process to better accommodate and respond to employee’s unique needs.

This trend provides an excellent opportunity for the certified interior designer to utilize their unique skill set. A certified interior designer fulfills many roles. Firstly, the aesthetic design vision must be achieved, but this is just the beginning. The designer then implements knowledge of ergonomics and the business’s unique needs. Add in a working knowledge of building codes, occupational health and safety, universal design and green design, and you get an all-round design approach to revolutionize any office.

No professional is better equipped to coordinate all these critical requirements than a certified interior designer. Interior designers have the opportunity to work one on one with businesses to directly design for and accommodate their needs. This approach is especially beneficial for the businesses as they receive a tailored and integrated approach that uniquely meets their needs. At the same time, the interior designer has the opportunity to use their exclusive and specialized knowledge to fully coordinate the design process.

With a greater shift towards more consciously designed workplaces, we expect to see certified interior designers taking an even more prominent role in workplace and office design across a range of industries.

Source: California Design Legislation

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