VRmeta Announces Its AI Enabled Enterprise Workflow

VRmeta: 'Great content without accurate metadata is, after all, a missed opportunity.'

Microstocksolutions LLC, the world's leading provider of content management solutions for the visual media industry, today announced that the VRmeta Enterprise Workflow which has been commercial for over a year delivers a level of accurate and precise AI enabled meta tagging. Its ratio of accurate auto-meta tagging to processing time is unsurpassed.

This is enabled by the VRmeta solution being the world's first and most precise means of adding accurate, time- and location-based metadata to digital video and 360°/ VR. This factor combined with top AI solutions produces a level of confidence approaching 100%. This optimizes a client’s search, discovery, marketability, and monetization strategy to levels never available.

The VRmeta solution now extends from any mobile device's touch screen for a truly immersive, tactile, near automated, on-the-go experience to an Enterprise Workflow that delivers valuable metadata to every stakeholder.

VRmeta with its AI capability is your gateway to making this happen, whether real time video production and broadcast, content distribution, stock footage sales or extracting value out of archives/libraries large or small or repurposing content.

The Enterprise Workflow offers audio (4 channel) meta tagging, integration of specialized taxonomy organization and vocabulary and capture of all external associated data a part of the digital asset.

Initial industry feedback for the VRmeta application has been overwhelmingly positive; in a recent A/B testing group, the general manager of news, field and production operations at one of the most recognizable names in TV news, said “VRmeta has the potential to be a real game-changer for the industry. VRmeta is truly the first solution of its kind.”

“The VRmeta enterprise solution has been a resounding success, and since its launch has had the capacity to integrate AI throughout the meta-tagging process. We anticipate the VRmeta SaaS solution to be available in mid-Q3 2018 with a built-in mapping wizard which will support advanced .xmp transformations between input and output schemas on a variety of DAM and MAM platforms.”

· VRmeta's patent-pending cross-hair and tactile navigation technology gives all users the most precise means of applying metadata ever created

· VRmeta gives every clip it touches time and in-frame location data registered within and out points, all saved into .csv and .xmp sidecar files

· VRmeta delivers AI/Automation precision for accurate auto-tagging regardless of the requirements and amount of data.

·VRmeta real-time learns your tagging vocabulary, offering auto-completion for frequently used words and names

For more information, visit www.vrmeta.net and meet with us in Las Vegas at NAB 2018 – April 8 – 12

A series of free Webinars are planned over the next two months to demonstrate how the VRmeta solution increases efficiency and value during the life cycle of a digital asset. Email info@aidacm.com to for notification of day and time.

VRmeta is represented exclusively by AIDA Content Management, Inc.

Contact: Peter Flood at peter.flood@aidacm.com,

Tel: +1 (201) 693-5451 for information on the complete solution.

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