VPNRanks Announces New Sub-Domain 'Best VPN' Launch

The new 'BestVPN' sub-domain launched by VPNRanks provides a rich insight on the best VPN providers of the industry. BestVPN sub-domain will review top of the line VPN brands, evaluating their feature and performance. In addition, users can get hold of best VPNs for different devices, operating systems, and regions.

BestVPN By VPNRanks

VPNRanks, a VPN review website has announced today the launch of its new sub-domain. The initiative was deemed necessary after a research conducted by VPNRanks revealed that it was essential to review all the best VPN providers in the industry.  

The new sub-domain, BestVPN.VPNRanks.com, will cover the need for a specific market segmentS wanting a detailed review of some of the top VPN providers. Visitors will be able to access essential information and features of industry’s best VPN readily available on the website. This way, users will have a comprehensive knowledge when a making purchase decision on the best VPNs.

Best VPN by VPNRanks is exclusively created keeping the user intent in mind. VPN serve various purposes i.e. benefit users in bypassing geo-restrictions, strong encryption that protects users’ online activity, keeping IP anonymous, faster streaming, bypass ISP throttling, and so much more. Top VPN providers will be reviewed considering the above-listed features and more.

If visitors to the new sub-domain require online protection against cyber criminals or snoopers, can, therefore, choose the best VPN with the strongest encryption. Similarly, faster streaming requires the best VPN that could minimize ISP throttling impact, which can be achieved via reading our comprehensive reviews.

The new sub-domain is also designed for users that have different media streaming devices and requires a best VPN service. For example, Winter Olympics 2018 is about to take place in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The sporting event will be region locked for most of the viewers around the world. Therefore, with the help of BestVPN, users can watch the 2018 Winter Olympics from anywhere in the world.

BestVPN sub-domain is entirely focused on VPNRanks’ mission to present unbiased reviews for the general benefit of VPN users where no sponsors play part in influencing our rankings or listings.

“We are excited to launch our new sub-domain that will provide an accurate and unbiased review of the top of the line VPN brands that are currently present in the market without sponsors influencing the rankings,” said AAZIM AKHTAR, SENIOR EDITOR at VPNRanks. BestVPN sub-domain will be updated on a regular basis, keeping the users updated about its price and features. 

Source: VPNRanks