Virtual Reality Birthday Parties Are Taking Off at Centertec

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centertec birthday party!

Virtual Reality Birthday Parties are taking off at centertec.

Philadelphia PA, Tuesday, Sept. 19:

centertec: We are VR. The $7.2 billion dollar Virtual Reality industry has taken off at centertec!

centertec, a 6,700 square foot mega Virtual Reality Experience Center is proud to announce hosting over 20,000 customers through walk-ins, birthday parties, sweet 16 parties and office parties.

Bill Tustin, CEO of centertec says “When we opened we thought that we would just have boy birthday parties booking with us. We do have quite a lot of boy Birthday Parties but have more Girl birthday parties and many Sweet 16 birthday parties.”

“It’s great when we have parties because dads like the virtual race car experience and moms like the virtual travel and virtual concerts while their kids get exercise and play games together or against each other.”

Liz Hoy store manager of centertec says, “when I first started this job I never tried Virtual Reality or thought I would not like it; but it turned out I really enjoy it. From the start, I love the adventures games and the educational experiences. I like Pictionary in Virtual Reality and the puzzle games too!"

A Virtual Reality party is a great experience with friends, coworkers and families.

centertec offers custom birthday party packages, as seen here:

Reservations for centertec are encouraged and are available for $30 per person per hour. 

Tickets are available online at

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