Unprecedented Growth Fuels centertec to Profit - within Its First 90 Days

centertec changes everything in VR again

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​centertec, (www.centertec.com) the world’s first and largest virtual reality entertainment and social center is proud to announce that retail admissions have increased over 958 percent in one month.  centertec, located at the Oxford Valley Mall in Langhorne PA, is the first virtual reality (VR) investment in the VR industry that actually makes money.

“Billions of dollars were spent on VR last year and most companies have lost millions of dollars or have gone out of business.  Our new company centertec has done what Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and google can't seem to figure out: How to make money in VR!” said Daniel Taylor, co-founder of centertec.

"We have finally solved the social aspect in technology. In only 3 months in business 38 percent of our customers are returning customers."

Bill Tustin, CEO

centertec changes everything, again.  centertec, only in its third month of operations, is sold out all the time, having also increased its VR parties by 1500 percent.  centertec is truly a center of technology for people of all ages, sizes and income.

We have finally solved the social aspect in technology.  In only 3 months in business 38 percent of our customers are returning customers.  People finally have a place to experience technology, become educated, entertained and meet new people,” said Bill Tustin, CEO of centertec.

centertec offers custom birthday party packages, as seen here:


Reservations for centertec are encouraged and are available for $30 per person per hour. 

Reservations are available online at http://www.centertec.com.


Daniel Taylor​
Phone 800 705 8715
2300 East Lincoln Highway​
Langhorne PA 19047

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centertec is a retail Virtual Reality (VR) Entertainment, eSports and Gaming venue.

2300 East Lincoln Highway
Langhorne, PA 19047
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