Vibe Class Fitness Recently Announces "The Good Vibes Challenge"

South Florida-Based Fitness Center Introduces 8-Week, Personally-Designed Transformational Program with Added Incentive of $2,000 Cash Prize

Vibe Class Fitness, a premium fitness center based out of South Florida, is proud to announce their first-ever Good Vibes Challenge. The eight-week, personally-designed program motivates participants to “be their best self” and offers a $2,000 reward for the participant that shows the most improvement over the course of the program.

“At Vibe Class Fitness, we value our members’ time and try to cater to the individual’s schedule and personalized fitness needs,” said Henrique Ceschin, Marketing Manager at Vibe Class Fitness. “We want our members to experience a dynamic, efficient and personalized workout, and to help them stay motivated throughout the program.”

To accept the challenge, participants are invited to a pre-challenge measurement day at the Sunny Isles location on Saturday, April 30, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Participants will then be assigned a dynamic, efficient, high-intensity workout featuring an interval circuit training program using the latest technology and workout techniques on computerized, vibrating platforms.

Alternatively, all those who are interested can enroll online. Once a participant contacts Vibe Class through the web, he or she will be sent an email with a registration link. After the $50 registration fee is paid, each participant will receive three comprehensive body composition tests composing of before, during, and after the challenge. All who enter must be on a Vibe Class Fitness package; joining costs just $249 and offers a chance to win the $2,000 grand prize.

The Good Vibes challenge is an invitation to personal transformation which also features two months of heart rate-monitored private small group training, a free workshop on supportive nutrition, a supportive Nutrition Guide with great snack ideas, and an Accuro heart rate monitor. Special two-payment financing for the challenge is also available upon request.

About Vibe Class Fitness

Vibe Class Fitness, based out of South Florida, is a Personal Training Fitness Studio based on customized functional exercises performed on the world’s only computerized vibrating platforms. Our system was developed to improve physical and mental health with efficiency and quickness, helping you to reach your personal goals and retain long lasting results. Our exclusive, customized workout is perfect for everyone, no matter the age or fitness level – from sedentary persons to high performance athletes. Here at Vibe Class Fitness, we help you become your best self.

For more information, please visit or call 305-916-8930.


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Our classes are a min. of 30 mins. long; providing the perfect solution for people with busy schedules. Each class has a max. of 10 people allowing our fitness coaches to provide a semi personal training experience.

Henrique Ceschin
Henrique Ceschin
Marketing Manager, Vibe Class Fitness
Vibe Class Fitness
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