Veterans In Need Receive More Help In Florida Thanks To those Adopting Veterans With The Most Needs

After five years, and a lot of hard work, the Mission in Citrus Veteran's Shelter is getting a total remodel and doubling in size. Homeless Veterans are getting even more help, that is on it's way.. They have proven that HUD-VASH Vouchers work through a unorthodox approach. Make It happen. Don't give up.. Veterans from around the United States come to the Mission to get jobs and get back on their feet.

The Mission in Citrus Homeless Shelters were founded in 2008 when its founder become homeless himself. After living and looking at other shelters and programs, he decided that there had to be a better way. Working with five homeless men, the Mission was created, and still operates by the rules and foundation that made it one of the most successful programs in the United States.

Many said that it could not be done. Over the past seven years, it has become a proven fact. The homeless helping the homeless worked. And the Mission in Citrus continues to do so. With the addition of a paid caseworker and office staff,  it has allowed them to spend more time out in the field. And after six years, their Founder and Executive Director is receiving a small salary.

"A Good Samaritan To All In Need" No Veteran left behind..

James Sleighter, Executive Director

William Wynn was a Marine who served his country with honor. In 2009, he collapsed in the front yard of the Mission in Citrus Homeless Shelters after walking from Texas. He had not eaten or had a drink in days. No one would help because he was not clean cut, and turned him away because he had not showered for many days. The Mission in Citrus helped him back on to his feet, and decided that no Veteran should be homeless or go through the suffering that William did. William had complications with his liver and died in 2013. He will never be forgotten, as his experience led to helping many Veterans that had the same needs.Many people including business owners started to adopt their Veterans.

In March of 2010, the Mission in Citrus Homeless Shelter for Veterans was opened on less than $ 5000. After years of hard work The Mission in Citrus Homeless Veteran's Shelter is doubling in size. Their new sprinkler system was installed and they are now working towards a total remodel which includes new beds, mattresses, and much more. The addition will make them one of the largest shelters for homeless Veterans in rural Central Florida. They have waited a long time for this day.

The faces of homelessness can change as well as each individual's circumstances, and many programs do not address the needs of rural homeless Veterans. This in itself was discouraging, as our Veterans fought for the rights of all, not just them. Their Founder feels that no one should lose those rights by becoming homeless. Many fought and also died for freedom in America. The Mission in Citrus Veteran’s shelter has been operating for over five years now, and many veterans have received the help that they have needed. All thanks to those who have adopted their Veterans.

The Mission in Citrus operates on love and a family atmosphere. Veterans and many others who are homeless are helped regardless of their beliefs or unique situations. Many of the homeless Veterans have given up trusting our society, and have little access to shelter and services in rural settings. Based out of Citrus County, Florida, their program is designed for those who are less than perfect and know it, but want and need health, outreach, spiritual, and social services.

The Mission in Citrus empowers homeless Veterans of all ages to meet their own needs. Recognizing the uniqueness, dignity, and value of each person.

The Mission in Citrus provides basic and self-care supplies, free health care, housing and supportive services for the homeless Veterans that are the hardest to reach, including those who refuse to go into a shelter and live out in the rural wooded areas of their county. The Mission also provides referrals to other community agencies, such as child care providers and legal aid.

The Mission has partnered with many corporate businesses and is very thankful for the help they receive.They can be found on Youtube,Great Nonprofits, Guidestar, and at their local Chamber of Commerce.They have received Top Charity Seals for transparency on all their websites.

Thanks to Winn Dixie and Bi – Low Holdings, The Mission in Citrus has been able to expand its Operation Mercy Call Programs. Their grants have enabled them to increase the amount of help given to those in the woods and swamps of Florida. MRES, tents, sleeping bags, lanterns, medical kits, food, and many other supplies are now reaching those that are hardest to reach. Winn Dixie Supermarket’s have also allowed Veteran’s collections in front of their stores, which has helped to pay for bus tickets, gas, and much more. They are hoping that many more Corporations will follow Bi- Low Holding’s lead. Their help has led to a huge reduction of Veteran’s homelessness in Citrus County, Florida.They have played a big part in adopting their Veterans.

Many others have helped as well. Including Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Home Depot, Good 360, Big Lots, and encourages people to patronize those businesses as a way to give back. The Mission in Citrus believes that Veterans should be a main priority to all.

They encourage all to visit their websites and help.

They give thanks to so many who have adopted their Veterans , and most importantly. They thank God for all He has done through so many miracles. This week, one of their Marine Veterans graduated from Withlacoochee Technical College with honors. He also had one of their highest grade point averages.They have many more success stories to share.

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