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​​​​​​​If you haven’t heard the buzz already... the benefits of incorporating standing into your work day can provide many benefits.  It may help you reduce back and neck pain, burn more calories during the day, and increase productivity.

According to CNN, a new study suggests that standing desks can boost productivity for some employees by a whopping 46%.  This was a 6-month study to assess the productivity of employees who started using a standing desk. Within a month of receiving standing desks, those employees were 23% more productive than their colleagues who continued to use traditional sitting desks.  Over the next five months the boost in productivity rose to 53%.  The average productivity increase over the entire half-year was 46%.

VERSADESK is an innovative line of patent pending ELECTRIC push-button height adjustable desk risers that support a healthier and more productive office environment.

Rachael Galloway, CBO

The facts are clear. You need to incorporate standing into your workday instead of sitting all day while working.  You are probably wondering which desk riser should you buy? What is the difference between VARIDESK and VERSADESK?

VARIDESK - Manual Height Adjustment Desk Riser: VARIDESK’s manual height adjustment desk riser design is somewhat ergonomic with their most popular Plus models, as the keyboard is on a lower surface than the monitors. HOWEVER, the problem is threefold.  One problem stems from when you manually adjust the height setting. To change the height, you need to lean forward and using your back, squeeze the side levers and pull up. This puts unnecessary strain on your back and the possibility of your monitor falling. The second problem is the one-size-fits-all height settings with only 11 notched options. You will be hard pressed to get the perfect ergonomic settings for both sitting and standing with only 11 preset height options.

The third problem is when a user is adjusting the VARIDESK up, the desktop not only moves up but it also moves towards the user taking up a lot of space. In addition, the VARIDESK only supports 35 Lbs. and only offers a 1-year limited warranty. This is not quality you can count on.

VERSADESK - Push-Button Electric Height Adjustment: VERSADESK is an innovative line of patent pending ELECTRIC push-button height adjustable desk risers that support a healthier and more productive office environment.

VERSADESK is the ORIGINAL electric powered standing desk riser. With VERSADESK you can easily adjust the height settings to your unique needs up to 20 inches with a simple push of a button.  Also, the VERSADESK is made with much higher quality materials and is a superior design which allows it to lift up to 80 Lbs.

Customers love how the VERSADESK easily moves straight up and down when adjusted, taking up no additional space.  There has also been a growing trend of CEOs that are choosing VERSADESK to offer standing desk risers to improve productivity and reduce health insurance costs in their offices. They also feel at ease with their purchase knowing that there is a lifetime warranty.

Now you can improve your health at the push of a button with VERSADESK. 

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