VeloReality Dons Yellow Jersey as Leader in the Final Stage of the Race for the World's First 4K Real Life Video Indoor Training Platform

The race for 4K Real Life Videos (RLVs) for indoor ANT+ training is intensifying as the adoption of 4K accelerates. Now VeloReality takes the lead in the race to deliver a complete 4K system with a new downloadable demo. A free teaser for upcoming 4K RLV releases, the demo takes indoor riders outdoors with winding roads through the stunning canyon scenery of the Moab region of southern Utah -- famous for landmarks like Arches National Park and rides like the Moab Skinny Tire Events.

One of the stunning sections you'll ride in full 4k through the Dixie National Forest

​​VeloReality President Gary Bauer today announced the on-line availability of his company's new 4k Real Life Video demo ride. Specifically shot and formatted for use with the Lynx VR Trainer, the 4k video will also work with leading ANT+ indoor cycle training systems. Already known for their hyper-realistic indoor training experience, the Toronto-based company is betting on 4K to push them further ahead of their RLV competitors.

Bauer describes the new 4K RLV demo as “A teaser of things to come from Velo Reality within a few weeks. One that gives serious indoor riders a taste of our unsurpassed Velo Reality 4K Indoor Training Platform, which will be widely available in the Fall of this year. Going forward we will be offering all of our rides in 4K and HD.”

VeloReakity's new 4K rides will astound riders with some of the world's most stunning and curious canyon scenery.

Gravis Davelsins, 4K Beta Rider and Serious Amateur Cyclist

VeloReakity's new 4K rides will astound riders with some of the world's most stunning and curious canyon scenery. Known for the Slickrock Trail – the Mecca of mountain bikers- the Moab area also features hundreds of miles of paved roads with world-class scenery and events like the famous The Skinny Tire. Naturally formed red sandstone spires and arches; giant boulders perched atop slender sandstone columns; cloudless blue skies above open highways that snake through the badlands of the Arches national Park region in southern Utah.

While thrilling indoor riders with some of the world's most stunning (outdoor) canyon scenery, the demo will also allow riders to make sure the PCs and laptops they use for training are 4K capable and ANT+ ready. They may need a gaming laptop or a PC with a higher end Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) embedded in their computer's motherboard or present on their video card. Most new PCs have integrated GPU's, but some of these require upgrading to play 4K video.

“I have a Lynx VR Trainer, I'm a video editor and a serious amateur rider, so I have everything they needed for me to be a VeloReality 4K beta-tester.” Says Gravis Davelson. “And the only word I can use to describe the experience is 'inspiring.' Now I am planning to go do the real deal by riding the Skinny Tire event in Moab next March!

The demo is available free at along with free VeloReality software and HD demo rides, as well as the complete library of more than100 HD RLVs for indoor training at its best.

Like all of the RLVs in the ever-expanding collection the new 4K demo will  work on the WAHOO KICKR, BKOOL as well as the Lynx VR Trainer, with real-time changes in resistance matched to stunning $k video.

VeloReality RLV demos and VRide software are available free of charge from the company web store Once installed, VRide can be configured to run with either demo videos, or with any RLV fromVeloReality's library of over 100 of the the world's most popular and visually captivating cycling routes. 


For more information, please contact:

Gary Bauer 1-888-480-1114 ext. 1 

VeloReality is the privately-held maker of VRide software, the VRide HD / 4K video RLV library and VRide ANT+ Multi On-line group rider software. VeloReality also manufactures and markets the high end LYNX VR Trainer which has unmatched road feel and comes with a limited warranty on electronics and a lifetime warranty on drive-train and software components. With a growing library of the world’s most famous courses, the reality offered by the combination of LYNX and VRide is unsurpassed. VRide software is also compatible with any ANT+ resistance trainer.


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