VeloReality Demos Its World's Largest 4K and HD Video Collections for ANT+ Trainers at Two of Canada's 1st UCI Events

VeloReality has busy start to the 2017/18 indoor training season with 160 new 4K and 220 HD rides and appearances at 2 Canadian UCI events.

Ride Reality

VeloReality CEO Gary Bauer today announced plans for the upcoming 2018 filming season which is slated to include more iconic 4K and HD rides in Europe and North America, with new cycle tourism videos as well as a new offering of world-famous road rides. The collection currently includes 160 4K and 220 HD RLVs with iconic climbs like Stelvio and Marmotte for those who want to suffer in the discomfort of their own Pain Caves, as well as gentle scenic rides like those featured in the new Salt Point - Bodega Grand Tour along the picturesque California coastline.

The company is also looking into e-Bike RLV technology, hoping to take its signature 4K RLVs 'off of the pavement' and onto bike paths and cyclo-cross courses, with next-generation video production starting next summer.

"Our 4K Real Life Video sales are being driven by the growing popularity of larger panoramic and OLED TV screens."

Gary Bauer, CEO

The new 4K rides will have widen the depth and breadth of VeloReality's immersive video offering - from lung-busting, pro-rider climb and recover workouts in the Italian Alps, to gentle seaside rides along Califirnia's stunning coastline, and virtually every type of terrain in between.

"Variety is as important as reality and quality to our customers." Said Bauer. "We try to have something for everyone and for every rider's profile. From therapeutic rides for those who need to heal or want to enjoy the scenery at an easy pace, to competitive club-level road and 'cross riders who want to stay fit in the off-season by riding structured grind-and-recover, power sprint or long-distance workouts."

"Much more than HD, our 4K RLV sales are being driven by the growing popularity of larger panoramic and OLED TV screens." Added Bauer. Our 4K drives have been selling like hotcakes this year compared to last, when we produced and loaded our first collection of 4K video rides onto shippable drives. It's definitely the way to go now and we intend to lead the peleton with referral programs and ongoing loyalty campaigns that give free rides as rewards."

Following showcase appearances at the first-ever Canadian UCI-sanctioned Cyclo-cross weekend -- Silver Goose in Midland -- and the Track Cycling World Cup earlier in December at the Mattamy National Cycling Centre, the company is also helping to build the cycling community with upcoming sponsorships, and free software and rides to keep riders of all types, ages and competition levels in shape without the tedium of indoor training.

"We will continue to work closely with the Silver Goose Pan Am as an ongoing sponsor, promoter and pro-active supporter, as well as with Cycling Canada to do everything we can to help put more Canadians on the podium." Said Davis Gravelsins, VeloReality's VP Marketing. "We think that it's only a question of time before cyclo-cross becomes an Olympic sport. The bigger question to ask is whether cyclo-cross will be a winter or summer Olympic sport."

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VeloReality has the largest 4K and HD RLV collections available, with free VRide software that works on any ANT+ trainer. Our own smart trainer -- the LYNX VR — is the world's most advanced indoor turbo trainer with unmatched real-ride feel. Our growing collection of iconic RLVs, our VRide software and our LYNX VR Trainer let you Ride Reality in your own home.

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Source: VeloReality Newsroom

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