is Donating $64,000 to Job Seekers in Phoenix

The first 500 Phoenix-based job seekers who sign up will receive a three-month free subscription on the platform, preparing them with career development help and then connecting them directly with recruiting professionals.

​The pandemic outbreak has disrupted what has been a historically good month for job seekers, putting a halt to the typically strong hiring numbers the economy sees during the March through April timeframe. A free, 90-day subscription is now being offered to the first 500 Phoenix-based job candidates who sign up. The subscriptions, valued at $64,000, will help job seekers use this downtime to prepare for when the job market opens back up, with the unique opportunity of then connecting directly with recruiters and recruiting firms.

For many, finding a job is hard enough. But having to do so unexpectedly during these challenging times comes with increased anxiety. “Our platform helps prepare job seekers by making them viable candidates, directly connecting them with recruiters who have job opportunities when hiring resumes," says's CEO and Founder, LT Ladino Bryson.

With, job candidates create more than just a resume. Through a confidential forum, helps job seekers create and present the best version of themselves. Constant digital communication ensures that job seekers are connected with proactive, vetted recruiters who are trained to seek out the right candidates, keeping them connected, informed, and supported throughout the hiring process. does away with the redundancy and inefficiencies of the multiple application submission process with its platform. The nine-step, career development boot camp helps job seekers compile and present the best and most relevant information to recruiters that helps them land the job they’re looking for.

vCandidates has been recognized as one of the 20 best tech startups in the metro Phoenix area for its ability to connect candidates with future employers. To learn more about the free offer and to sign up, check out their blog.

About is the perfect alternative recruiting tool and platform, connecting candidates directly to recruiting professionals and past filters. has expedited the search, preparation, screening, interviewing and hiring processes.

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