Employers Impacted by COVID-19 Restrictions Can Offer Workforce Compassionate Transition Assistance During Layoffs

vCandidates.com has a 90-day career development assistance program that will connect job seekers directly to recruiting professionals. March is historically a good month for job seekers. However, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has interrupted that reality, halting what has always been a strong hiring month for the overall economy.

vCandidates.com is here to help!

​​​​​​​​​​We are faced with the unprecedented impact of people now out of work or fearful of their immediate futures as small businesses, restaurants, entertainment centers and major and minor chain stores are shutting down temporarily to hopefully temper community spread. The imposed guidelines and operational restrictions are causing furloughs and layoffs. As employers begin to feel the financial impact that is destined to come in the weeks ahead, vCandidates.com is here to help.

vCandidates.com has designed an innovative and compassionate solution, one that is scalable, actionable and individualized. It is an inexpensive resource that employers can easily provide to employees should there be a need to reduce staff. It is a Three-Month Employer Outplacement Subscription, a cost-effective off-boarding solution for transitioned employees – at every level. Employers can give their employees the ability to prepare for their next job during this downtime. vCandidates.com is a private end-to-end career platform for talent search, career development and outplacement services.

To help, we are offering our Employer Sponsored Outplacement Subscription card for all levels of employees of any organization, starting at $125 per 90-day card.

Should an organization need to make the very difficult reduction in staff decision, be assured you have a trusted partner. 

For many, finding a job is hard enough. But having to do so unexpectedly, in the current conditions, will heighten anxiety. "Employees will look to their employers during this crisis for more resources," states vCandidates.com's CEO and Founder, LT Ladino Bryson. "Our platform helps prepare job seekers, making them 'viable candidates' and directly connecting them with recruiters who have job opportunities when hiring resumes," she continues.

Most outplacement services or career coaching is typically offered to executives and are expensive. “Our team surveyed over 3,000 candidates who had been let go and the consensus was the same; their employers didn't care what happened to them, nor could they directly connect them with hiring professionals. When crafting vCandidates.com, as a SaaS career platform, we knew we had to create a product that would aid employers and help encourage those faced with being downsized. It was just the right thing to do,” Ladino Bryson concluded.

vCandidates.com completely rids the multiple application submission process on its platform altogether. Job seekers simply register, create an extensive profile, and each candidate subscriber will complete a nine-step, online career development boot camp. These and other tools provide vital information to recruiters and help candidates make the best presentation of themselves.

Click here to provide your employees with a compassionate exit strategy, tools and resources during this difficult time.

Source: vCandidates.com