Career Startup Offers Employers Low-Cost Subscriptions That Help During Layoffs

Help move your workforce forward for a fraction of traditional outplacement costs by providing a three-month gift card to a career-search platform that directly connects them to recruiters

Are you having trouble breaking up?

​​​​​New career platform is flipping the search, preparation, hiring, and now transitioning process by providing a low-cost solution for employers to give to their workforce processing employees through layoffs. Finding a job is hard enough and having to do so unexpectedly can heighten one's anxiety and, typically, outplacement services and career coaching are usually offered to executives. Our team surveyed over 3,000 candidates who had been let go and the consensus was the same: their employers didn't care what happened to them nor could directly connect them with hiring professionals.

Until now. has Basic and Premium subscriptions for employees ranging from general labor to C-Suite starting at $125 for three months. completely rids the multiple-application submission process on its platform altogether. Job seekers simply register, create an extensive profile, and answer interview and culture-fit questionnaires. also allows candidates to include personality assessments created by Dr. Karen Jacobson, Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, references powered by SkillSurvey® and background checks powered by Checkr®. These and other tools provide vital information to recruiters prior to screening the candidate.

Nicole Spracale, SPHR, VP of Subscriber Success, adds, "We've created something completely unique and needed in the career space. Our platform includes an online Boot Camp designed to give job seekers the tools to be successful right out of the gate.” The former executive continues, “From creating a personal vision and purpose statement to learning how to use social media and network, we are excited to share the combined decades of experience our team has to offer.”'s self-learning Boot Camp provides resume review, mock interview, monthly subscription, and a 45-minute counseling session with the platform’s vCounselor to all job-seeking subscribers. Recruiting professionals are vetted to ensure that they have current job openings, too. 

"Transitioning employees are looking to their employers for more resources than how to update a professional social media page," states's CEO and founder LT Ladino Bryson. "Our platform helps job seekers become 'viable candidates' by educating them on current hiring practices and directly connecting to those who have job opportunities and can help them get hired." 

Bryson believes that company culture doesn't die when upon an exit. "We are all alumni of the companies we worked for and sites like, Glassdoor and Yelp give savvy employees a sounding board to post adverse experiences about their departure. Providing employees with a competitive advantage at finding their next opportunity is a great way to extend one's company culture and protect your employer's brand and company culture." 

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