Variety is the Spice of Life: Phoenix Edible Cannabis Company Now Leads Arizona in Selection and Quality

Organic Plant-Based Edibles Making Great Strides Inside Cannabis Industry

Fresh Organic Juice with CBD Full of Nutrition and Alkalinity

YiLo Life is proud to announce it now carries over 400 products in its award-winning dispensary. Rarely are there dispensaries that carry such a wide array of products. Even rarer is when those 400 products are also organic. Edible products such as chocolates, gummies, cakes, pies and juices are just some of the products that can be found at  

Carsten Loeke, founder of YiLo Life, is just one of a handful of entrepreneurs who combines organic farming with a vertical integration process that allows his team to control consistency. Vertical integration includes controlling the grow of the plants, the cultivation, the harvest and final product creation.

“The quality of the flowers, CBD, hemp and organic THC we produce, and the large scale at which we are about to produce them, is what is most unique about the current project and will revolutionize the Arizona hemp market,” explained Carsten. “Our ‘new’ cannabis is of an entirely different caliber. We are bringing the first truly connoisseur-grade flowers to Arizona’s patients. We maintain our exclusive, top-shelf MMJ products by never cutting corners and by always providing patients with quality over quantity.

“We operate a 5,000-square-foot, free-standing CBD outlet and dispensary building right off the I-17 and Thunderbird (2841 W Thunderbird Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85053) that serves as our main showcase flagship, with more than 400 innovative, organic and certified pure cannabis products available on site,” Carsten comments. “Among the lineup will be a consistent, underlying production method with a disciplined approach and an absolute focus on consistency of production, methods and purity.”

About YiLo Life

YiLo Life uses organic methods and the finest ingredients to create cannabis products that not only help to treat medical conditions and soothe symptoms but also to please the senses. The high-purity medicines are offered to patients, commercial and licensed cannabis entities as well as medical dispensaries.

Medical cannabis has had such a profound effect since its legalization that it’s been entirely legalized for recreational purposes in large states like California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Michigan, Maine and Alaska (which combine to account for nearly one-third the U.S. population). Now, thanks to YiLo’s proprietary process, people suffering from diseases can opt for natural treatment options that contain THC (in approved states and regions) or that contain CBD, which is legal nationwide.

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Source: YiLo Life Inc.

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