History in the Making: Hemp Growers in Arizona at Forefront of the Next Generation Cash Crop

Arizona Farmers Discover Hemp Exciting New Possibilities in Farming

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Carsten Loelke, Founder of YiLo Life, is just one of the many entrepreneurs in Arizona who is taking advantage of the new Arizona cannabis law that was enacted on May 14, 2018, when Governor Ducey signed a bill to allow the growing Hemp as an Agricultural product in this state.

Although Hemp has an astonishing 50,000 uses, this sleeping giant has most recently been all the talk for its rich supply of CBD oil, which has become well-known for pain relief, helping to improve joint health, and for showing strong medical applications in the treating of epilepsy and other medical issues. Cannabis’ vast array of treatments, along with its impact, has drawn attention from Big Pharma, the Alcohol Industry, Tobacco Industry and now the soft drink industry, with Coca Cola announcing they want a piece of the market, too.

CBD has been featured more recently on CNN, with Dr. Oz and America Surgeon General, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, reporting on CNN investigates about the CBD Oil Boom. This, combined with America's 2018 Farm Bill passing on December 18, has only compounded America's awakening to Cannabis as a medicine.

"This phenomenon around Hemp is unlike anything we have ever seen,” commented Carsten Loelke, Founder of YiLo Life. “Cannabis was already the top cash crop here in the US and number one in the world nearly a century ago. Unsurprisingly, new Forbes projections show this industry growing from an estimated $3 billion in 2020 to as much as $31 billion by 2021.”

Veteran Hemp Farmer, Clint Boone has collaborated in the writing and development of the US Farm Bill 2018 says, "The adoption of Industrial Hemp will do many great things for America's economy as well it's the ecology. Rarely do we find a plant that not only has 50,000 practical uses but is a flower, a weed, a protector, and an elixir of life. Industrial Hemp can do more to positively impact society than virtually anything else available. For this reason, my team and I have shifted all of our focus towards the adoption of Industrial Hemp in the US as a primary Natural Resource."

Nearly a century has passed since America has enjoyed the benefits of Hemp. Of historical note, everything from World War II, the Civil Rights Movement, multiple landings on the moon, color TV, Cell Phone and Internet Social Media, Stem Cell Treatment, 3D Printing — and a plethora of technologies that defy the imagination of what is possible — have taken place during this time.

All the while, Hemp has lain dormant in the US. It has been said to be one of the most prolific political coos of all time. But that’s all about to change with the passing of new laws.

The benefits of Hemp are vast indeed, Loelke asserts:

“What many people do not realize yet is that Hemp is a huge agricultural play and will change the Nutrition and Pharma industries forever, not to mention countless other industries like Food, Plastics, Housing and Beverage, Apparel and Natural Medicine, to name a few. Hemp is also a major energy play and can help reduce deforestation in the U.S. That’s because Hemp is estimated to save 3 trees for every 1 plant grown, according to the Guardian!”

 Loelke and the team at Yilo has sights set high. Not just on growing hemp and producing the highest quality organic edibles and plant-based health solutions . But also by tapping into this Industry and helping Arizona reduce its carbon footprint: 

Troy Bohlke, Investor Relations at Yilo states “We want to be the first Arizona Farmer to save 1 million trees. Coming from a background in energy, we can see the impact we will make by growing Hemp. “Hemp takes in up to 4 times more Co2 than trees than other plants do and requires as much as 60-70% less water to grow than other crops such as Cotton and Alfalfa. Every day, there is so much more to learn about this mysterious plant and so much left to do in preparation for the year ahead!”

Find out more about the Hemp industry and how it's going to play a strong role in the future Arizona economy by visiting: www.yilo.com.

About YiLo Life

YiLo is not only a THC production and cultivation company, but it also has his focus on hemp, and it's medical benefits. This includes the sale of seeds, cultivating and processing of hemp plants, extraction of pure CBD oil, and the refining of the isolate to CBD. Our mission is to make Arizona a National Leader of burgeoning Hemp Industry.

Find out more about the Hemp industry and how it's going to play a strong role in the future Arizona economy by visiting: www.yilo.com.

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