Phoenix Cannabis Edible Company Becomes Purveyor of the Purest in Organic CBD Products

CBD Infused Edibles led Arizona Entrepreneur to the top spot

The DNA of the Plant is something Yilo staff takes very seriously

In his pursuit to provide the purest and most complete brand in Cannabis growing and processing, Carsten Loeke, founder of YiLoLife (, has worked on a vision: deliver the highest quality of organic cannabis, hemp, CBD oil and other products in Arizona and beyond. Since securing the grow and production licenses for MMJ six years ago in Arizona, Carsten's vision is coming to life.

Over the past three years, YiLo has been voted by the New Times as “Best Of” Edible Company of The Year Award, and made it every year on the Top of the Edible Award in Edibles Magazine.

Americans are finally rethinking and actually embracing cannabis nationwide after countless long-term studies have revealed the innate medical properties offered by this miracle plant. News stories such as Charlotte Web and Jayden have gone viral by showing almost instant healing of violent, epileptic seizures. And so, with proven studies and treatment methods, the consensus has changed for the United States and its citizens.

Subsequently, an FDA approved drug containing CBD has come into the picture, about nine months after the airing of these dramatic shifts, pivoting the Pharma industry into a brighter light: Cannabis as a medicine.

CBD has been featured more recently on CNN, with Dr. Oz and America Surgeon General, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, reporting on CNN investigates about the CBD Oil Boom. This, combined with America's 2018 Farm Bill passing on December 18, has only compounded America's awakening to Cannabis as a medicine.

Cannabis contains these three main common cannabinoids: THC, CB and CBN. But it’s important to note that more than 100 cannabinoids are detected in different ratios, depending on the strain. Each strain has a different ratio in correlation to others and this ratio is what comprises the strain "Chem-type." While most current commercial strains of cannabis have a much higher proportion of THC (15%-25%) and a very low proportion of CBD (usually less than 1%), YiLo's high-CBD strains contain an impressive 10%-20% CBD content.

YiLo offers a wide variety of products, many that contain high CBD amounts, in addition to value-added products, such as edibles, oils and others, that offer some of the highest, purest and organic concentration of CBD to be found anywhere.

"The quality of the flowers, CBD, hemp and organic THC we produce, and the large scale at which we are about to produce them, is what is most unique about the current project, and will revolutionize the Arizona Hemp market," explained Carsten, a Founder of YiLo. "Our 'new' cannabis is of an entirely different caliber. We are bringing the first truly connoisseur-grade flowers to Arizona's patients. We maintain our exclusive, top-shelf MMJ products by never cutting corners and by always providing patients with quality over quantity."

CBD is being heralded for its medicinal value while not requiring THC, which produces the euphoric effect in marijuana. Studies have found that CBD helps treat symptoms ranging from chronic pain to TMJ, MS, HIV, cancer, arthritis, neuromuscular diseases and countless others. It’s also been shown to help with countless other symptoms, including PTSD for war veterans and first responders to epilepsy, and numerous other serious mental and physical illnesses.

“We operate a 5,000 square-foot, free-standing CBD outlet and dispensary building right off the I-17 and Thunderbird (2841 W Thunderbird Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85053) that serves as our main showcase flagship, with more than 400 innovative, organic and certified pure cannabis products available on site,” Carsten comments. “Among the lineup will be a consistent, underlying production method with a disciplined approach and an absolute focus on consistency of production, methods and purity.”

To deliver on this promise, YiLo takes organic cannabis that’s grown at a large-scale organic facility to produce everything from edibles, gummies, creams, concentrates for cartridges, medical tinctures and soft gels, pet treats and more. YiLo provides more than 400 high-quality products and constantly seeks to improve the consumer experience. YiLo's most recent revelation is a custom designed, sleek and high-end, LED-enhanced CBD and THC vape pen.

Investor Relations Manager, Troy Bohlke, adds: “We see our Custom CBD vape pen as a statement that we are in the game at the highest level. The quality and attention to detail that went into the packaging, the lighting and longevity, the form the function and even the cartridge is truly amazing! This device provides an exemplary consumer experience that is simply unforgettable. This is so attractive that it’s almost a fashion statement, in my personal opinion!”

“There’s no doubt, our CBD pen will make its way into the market with authority. I see the pen as Casten's answer to Juul, only healthier and with no nicotine; just Pure CBD,” Bohlke concludes.

The Founder of YiLo adds: “My goal is to not only change the way that cannabis is produced and consumed in Arizona, but rather to put it under a new light and focus that delivers a consistent, organic, pure and medically beneficial product; one that has the ability to treat causes and symptoms of diseases naturally and safely.”

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About YiLo

YiLo Life uses organic methods and the finest ingredients to create cannabis products that not only help to treat medical conditions and soothe symptoms but also to please the senses. The high-purity medicines are offered to patients, commercial and licensed cannabis entities as well as medical dispensaries.

Medical cannabis has had such a profound effect since its legalization that it’s been entirely legalized for recreational purposes in large states like California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Michigan, Maine and Alaska  (which combine to account for nearly one-third the US population). Now, thanks to YiLo’s proprietary process, people suffering from diseases can opt for natural treatment options that contain THC (in approved states and regions) or that contain CBD, which is legal nationwide.

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