Utepils Brewing Installs Advanced Air Purification System in Taproom

Breathe In The Air

European-inspired brewery Utepils Brewing announced today that guests can expect cleaner, filtered air thanks to its recent installment of an advanced air purification technology, engineered by Global Plasma Solutions (GPS). In an ongoing effort to keep patrons and staff protected from the spread of COVID-19, the brewery has invested in GPS's patented NPBI technology that works to clean air, break down viruses, mold, bacteria, and, thus, prevent the spread of pathogens—all within the Taproom's HVAC system. 

"We're going the extra mile to ensure everyone who visits our brewery can sit back, relax, and enjoy their time with us, without worrying about getting sick," said Dan Justesen, Founder of Utepils. "We're taking every precaution possible to keep our friends, family, staff and community safer by wearing facial masks, implementing sanitization stations, ramping up our cleaning routine, and social distancing, but this is an added measure that we feel strongly about. We want everyone who visits our Taproom to have access to cleaner, purified air."

Following suit with highly frequented institutions across the country, including airports and hospitals, Utepils made the decision to invest in GPS's air purifying technology to help improve air quality and create a safer experience for visiting guests and staff. 

The technology works by releasing ions into the air that weaken harmful substances: "The patented technology uses an electronic charge to create a plasma field filled with a high concentration of [positive] and [negative] ions...The ions kill pathogens by robbing them of life-sustaining hydrogen (https://globalplasmasolutions.com/pathogen-reduction/)."

The non-invasive, purifying technology allows ions to filter the air from a building's HVAC system in order to clean both large and smaller spaces without disturbing the experience of patrons of staff or guests. 

"It’s hard to have fun if you don’t feel safe. We feel this is a smart investment, as it provides an extra layer of protection and comfort for our favorite brewery goers," continued Justesen. "We want people to feel confident about leaving the house to visit their friends and enjoy a fresh beer at our establishment. And we will continue to invest in ways that protect our community and keep our guests and staff healthy!"

About Utepils

Founded in 2017, Utepils brings pure, authentic European-style beers to thirsty Minnesotans. Using the highest quality water from the historic Glenwood Inglewood wells, each beer is uniquely distinct and brewed with fresh ingredients, sourced from all over the world. Utepils believes that good living comes from good brewing and delicious beers help bring friends and families together to share memories and create new traditions that should be celebrated, again and again.


Utepils Brewing Co.

Dan Justesen, President



Source: Utepils Brewing Co.

About Utepils Brewing Co.

Nestled on the banks of Bassett Creek between Harrison and Bryn Mawr neighborhoods of northwestern Minneapolis, Utepils' 18,000 square foot site features an iconic taproom and a full-scale craft brewery unlike any other.

Utepils Brewing Co.
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