USAFIS - Offering Best Services for Green Card Lottery Applicants

USAFIS (the prominent immigration consultancy) offers the best assistance to green card lottery applicants.

New York - The United States green card is highly sought after among Non-US citizens. Several exclusive benefits attached with permanent immigrant status attract people towards getting a green card. Many people apply for a green card using diversity visa lottery program. Some intelligent people prefer taking services of green card consultants in order to enhance the chances of their application approval.

USAFIS (a prominent immigration consultancy) is offering expert consulting services to people interested in applying to United States green card lottery program. Experts at USAFIS take care of every need of applicant's during diversity lottery application process. They ensure submission of error free form to Department of State.

Well, there are numerous immigrant consultants promising a green card to their customers. Whereas USAFIS only promises the acceptance of the green card lottery application, because the results of green card lottery program is decided using an automated computer program which selects random applications from the pool of millions of approved applications.

That means that any company that promises a win of the Green card DV lottery are fraudulent nad are scamming you and you have to be wary of them. USAFIS never makes any such commitments. But yes, USAFIS promises approval of the application submitted for green card lottery program that is not less than half of the battle won.

In the past, USAFIS has helped several thousands of people to get the green card through diversity lottery program. To get more details about USAFIS best services or advantages of using USAFIS services, visit their website