USAFIS Now Accepting Customer Payments in Euros

USAFIS has now made it easier for their European customers to make payments. They are now accepting payments from European customer in Euros.


New York, United States (Press Release - March 16, 2010) - USAFIS recently introduced a new and convenient feature on its websites to accept payments in Euros too. Making international payments involved conversion of currency and it is kind of uncomfortable for international customers. By offering facility of accepting Euros, USAFIS simplified the payment process for their European Customers.

USAFIS is among the most prominent US immigration consultants and green card lottery expert agencies. Foreign nationals (interested in becoming permanent immigrants of US) from all over the world visit USAFIS website and enjoy their services.

After introduction of this new feature, visitors from anywhere in Europe will by default see Euro as default currency to make payments. For rest of the world it is still US dollar. In order to make its website more user-friendly and to simplify the payment process, USAFIS will soon provide the facility of accepting several other currencies.

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