USAFIS - Helping People Win A Green Card Through Diversity Lottery Program

USAFIS (an US immigration consultant based in New York) is helping people win a Green Card through diversity lottery program.

Getting United States green card is the dream of millions of people from all over the world. However, very few lucky people are able to get a green card through traditional ways. USAFIS helps such people in getting a Green Card through diversity lottery program.

Diversity Lottery program is managed by Department of State that offers 55,000 green cards every years to foreign nationals fulfilling certain eligibility criteria. USAFIS helps people (willing to get a green card) in making successful application to green card lottery program.

USAFIS has been a vital entity in changing the life of thousands of people by helping them getting a green card under diversity lottery program. Well, they never guarantee a green card through this program, but they offer guarantee of successful application submission which is the most common problem faced by green card lottery applicants.

There are only a few weeks remaining for the green card lottery application process to start. So, aspiring foreign nationals are advised to get ready to apply for this program. USAFIS is all set to help such people once again for green card lottery program-2012.

For more details about the application process or to check eligibility people can log on to the website of USAFIS at