Universal Events Sets the Stage for a Great 2019

Universal Events' CEO discussed the firm's plans for growth in 2019 and the goal-setting strategies that will help turn them into reality. She also outlined the hiring initiative that will coincide with success in the new year.

​There’s excitement building in the Universal Events office as team members turn their thoughts toward 2019. Harmony, the firm’s CEO, explained that as they celebrate the holiday season and reflect on the big wins of 2018, members of Team Universal Events are putting concrete plans in place to accelerate growth even more in the year to come. The CEO believes in her team of strong-willed professionals, knowing they’re ready to make an even bigger impact on the world in 2019.

To set themselves up for success in the year to come, the firm’s event managers are reviewing what worked well in 2018 and where they can make improvements. The biggest achievements of the year are solid sources of inspiration, but the near misses are also valuable learning tools. Team members are equipping themselves to build on the past year’s growth by focusing on the productive lessons every 2018 project offered.

Putting measurable objectives in place is a point of emphasis as the firm’s leaders and event managers prepare for 2019. Harmony noted that having a clear outcome in mind is the first step toward monitoring progress in an effective way. With well-defined endpoints guiding their actions, team members will be able to refine methods and adjust their paths whenever necessary.

Universal Events’ CEO on the Company’s Hiring Plans for 2019

To complement the firm’s growth goals, Harmony explained that hiring new talent will be a priority as the calendar turns to 2019. She added that business-minded people who are dedicated to learning new things every day are ideal fits for the company’s supportive culture. Those who come aboard with Universal Events will find rewarding and challenging career paths marked by recognition of their hard work. There are also clear advancement policies that ensure event managers stay motivated day in and day out.

Incoming people receive all the hands-on training they need to thrive in fundraising and peer-to-peer marketing. From their first days on the job, team members are personally coached by seasoned professionals. This winning approach to knowledge transfer ensures that new hires quickly develop confidence and hit the ground running. Ongoing education options help all the firm’s event managers refine their skills as they advance their careers.

About Universal Events, Inc.:

Universal Events, Inc. strives to offer businesses dynamic and interactive advertising strategies to entice both new and existing markets. The firm's promotion specialists generate outstanding results based on thorough market knowledge, consumer buying behavior, and industry trends. Universal Events, Inc. uses interactive strategies because they are effective. Their customized plans reach consumers directly to raise brand awareness and encourage loyalty quickly so that clients experience fast paced growth and accelerated market entry. The firm’s campaigns can also be customized to strengthen a client's position in their current markets or facilitate entry into a new market. Universal Events, Inc. delivers high conversion rates through precision planning, team collaboration, and adaption if trends change. These innovative approaches hit the mark with great efficiency. Check us out at www.universalevents-inc.com.

Source: Universal Events Inc