Universal Events Expands Mission-Driven Portfolio

Universal Events' CEO discussed two new additions to the firm's list of promoted change agents. She also outlined how clear goals and ongoing training set the company up for expansion.

​Raising awareness for causes that keep youth safe and off the streets is Universal Events’ mission. With this in mind, Harmony, the firm’s CEO, is proud to announce two new additions to its portfolio of change innovators. She explained that the company will be working with Stand for the Silent (SFTS) and L.E.A.D. (Law Enforcement Against Drugs) to spread their messages far and wide. Harmony added that both of these nonprofits are guided by the same values that fuel Team Universal Events every day.

SFTS was founded in 2010 and has since become one of the leading anti-bullying organizations in the United States. The nonprofit runs solely off donations from those who support its mission. SFTS representatives travel the world to discuss the effects of bullying at schools, churches, and community centers. To date, SFTS has reached nearly 1.5 million young people across the country, educating them on the effects of bullying with an engaging and emotional methodology.

Law Enforcement Against Drugs, or L.E.A.D., is a nonprofit supported by police officers who are committed to protecting youth and communities from drugs, drug-related crime, and all types of bullying and violence. L.E.A.D. teams up with educators, local leaders, families, and various support groups to help kids build confidence and make good choices. Teaching positive and pro-social behaviors is at the heart of the L.E.A.D. mission.

 Universal Events’ CEO on the Value of Goal Setting and Ongoing Education

 Members of Team Universal Events are well equipped to represent new mission-driven change agents due to two key points of emphasis within the company: setting ambitious goals and pursuing constant improvement. Harmony added that the firm’s event managers embrace clear visions of success in order to reach lofty benchmarks. She is confident that team members will tackle the challenge of promoting SFTS and L.E.A.D. with enthusiasm and deliver winning results in an efficient manner.

The firm’s event managers are also dedicated to learning new things every day. Through in-office seminars, travel to various events, and cross-training in other markets, team members stay on the cutting edge of the peer-to-peer marketing industry. Harmony explained that her team is always prepared for the next big opportunity, the latest of which is raising awareness for two new change innovators with vital missions.

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