Universal Events' CEO Highlights Devin's Big Win

The CEO of Universal Events put one of the company's top performers in the spotlight for winning a prestigious competition. She also outlined a few of the ways companies benefit from having an expansive training program.

​The March Madness competition is always an exciting event for members of Team Universal Events. Harmony, the firm’s CEO, explained that Devin from the Denver office was this year’s big winner. He advanced from the initial round of 64 and remained focused right through the Final Four. This contest involved event managers from all across the country, so Devin’s victory is a major accomplishment in his rapidly advancing career.

March Madness was created to find the best of the best in the peer-to-peer marketing industry. Devin did over $5,000 in sales in one month to come out on top. Harmony noted that Devin has always been a focused and super-motivated professional, with a strong work ethic that pushes him to take on new challenges. His win in the March Madness competition served notice to the fact that dedication and persistence pay off in even the most competitive industries.

Devin brings an array of successful attributes to the table, including a propensity for setting clear goals. Harmony explained that the March Madness contest is a great reminder to all event managers that putting specific benchmarks in place is always a good idea. When it comes to advancing to the next round in the competition, team members set well-defined benchmarks for themselves. If they continue doing so after March Madness is over, they’ll stay on the right track for major achievements.

Universal Events’ CEO on the Value of Ongoing Professional Development Planning

Team contests such as the March Madness event are significant parts of the Universal Events development approach. Harmony added that event managers enjoy having the chance to prove themselves. Company-wide contests offer that and show team members that leadership is invested in their ongoing success. The CEO noted that a supportive, growth-focused culture is one of the firm’s major competitive edges.

Harmony also stated that ongoing development options of all kinds build loyalty throughout a team. She added that event managers are more engaged and motivated when they’re applying their unique talents in challenging ways. While productivity is always high around the Universal Events office, it seems to reach a peak during and after a team-building event like March Madness. The CEO commented that she’ll continue finding ways to engage people’s competitive sides as they work toward their career goals.

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