Ultria Unveils Orbit AI, the Latest Addition to Its AI Powered CLM Capabilities

Say Hello to Ultria Orbit AI

Ultria, a leading provider of Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management in the cloud, unveiled ULTRIA ORBIT AI, a next-generation, Artificial Intelligence solution, expanding beyond the AI-powered Contract Management portfolio.

“Orbit AI is a complementary solution for our contract management application,” Arthur Raguette, Executive Vice President, Ultria said. “We are proud to introduce Orbit as a part of our contract management suite and to provide additional value to our customer’s CLM experience. We expect Orbit to be a game-changer and take contract management across the horizon.”

Ultria Orbit is designed to assist users across the contract lifecycle, from drafting and assembling contracts, streamlining work flows, to post-contract compliance and obligations management. Orbit’s abilities to extract metadata and identify clause match conditions are powered by proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Orbit embodies three different personas, a Guide, an Explorer, and a Protector, all powered by Ultria’s Artificial Intelligence capabilities to streamline your contract management journey.

Orbit Guide steers through key stages of intake request, authoring, assembling, and negotiating.

Orbit Explorer works as an intelligent companion for more intuitive searching with more accurate results and faster reporting and analytics.

Orbit Protector safeguards organizations from the complexities of a rapidly shifting regulatory landscape, ever-increasing commercial compliance risks and post-award commercial and compliance management.

Read more about Ultria Orbit here and harness Orbit’s AI capabilities to enhance your team’s performance and transform your contracts into dynamic, intuitive, and smart legal documents for informed decision making.

About Ultria: 

Ultria develops and licenses Artificial Intelligence powered applications, including its flagship Contract Lifecycle Management solution for the enterprise. Ultria CLM© is a proven, scalable, SaaS-deployed Contract Lifecycle Management system that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to be robustly and rapidly provisioned in today’s complex business landscapes. Ultria Orbit©, Ultria’s Artificial Intelligence enables teams to analyze contract terms and extract metadata from any contract. For information on Ultria, visit www.ultria.com.

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Rewa Kulkarni, Marketing and Public Relations, Ultria

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Source: Ultria

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