UBIMET Expands Severe Weather Protection in Germany

Timely and accurate severe weather alerts help insurance customers prevent damage across Germany

UBIMET Severe Weather Alerts

The Austrian UBIMET Group succeeded in winning the tender for the German Association of Public Insurers VöV for “WIND” (Weather Information on Demand) based on quality, innovation and customer-friendly solutions. Effective 1st January 2018 the German branch of the UBIMET group, EWC Weather Consult, will provide meteorological information for the WIND electronic weather information system. This system warns private and business customers of the eleven member companies of upcoming severe weather by text message, e-mail, app or in the online Weather Cockpit© portal, which increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Jens Wußmann, Senior Product Manager Casualty & Accidents, is pleased about the future cooperation with EWC Weather Consult GmbH and emphasizes its competence: “In a complex tender process, we have opted for EWC as weather data supplier because the quality of severe weather warnings and the modern technology of the Weather Cockpit© convinced us. With more than 100 customers in the German insurance business, EWC is the market leader and as part of the globally operational UBIMET Group has a partner with a proven track record in severe weather warnings.“

The weather information and services provided by EWC for private customers includes, amongst others, severe weather warnings as well as weather forecasts for a special app, access to the Weather Cockpit© for farmers and communities as well as a specialized winter service for municipalities. The Weather Cockpit© is an easy-to-use online portal with customized weather information and a clear traffic light and warning system to optimally plan weather-based business and leisure activities. The data is provided to customers of public insurers as an add-on service. The importance of severe weather alerts became apparent with the severe weather events between 20 June and 2 July 2017. The severe weather series in itself incurred a damage amounting to a total of about 600 million Euro in all of Germany.

"Over the last few years, we have noticed an increased accumulation of extreme weather events. Not all regions of the world are equally affected, but above all in middle-European latitude a rising number of gusts in winter and thunderstorms in summer coincide with global warming. With our severe weather warnings insurance customers can better protect themselves and their property, and we are proud to be able to support them,“ stated Michael Fassnauer, CEO UBIMET.

Alexander Lehmann, EWC Managing Director, is delighted that EWC has once again succeeded in a selection process based on quality, innovation and customer-friendliness. On the occasion of signing the contract he said: “We look forward to the cooperation and are proud that with the public insurers we were able to win the second biggest insurance group in the German primary insurance market and the number one in residential building insurance as a customer. Not only VöV and we will benefit from this cooperation, but above all the end users of this weather information and these services. With the WIND project both VöV and EWC pursue only one joint objective: To offer customers the best weather information precisely tailored to their needs.“


UBIMET is a leading commercial provider of precise meteorology services and severe weather warnings. The global company is headquartered in Vienna, Austria and has offices in Karlsruhe, Melbourne, Munich, New York and Zurich employing 250 staff from 25 nations. UBIMET provides high-quality meteorological data, forecasts and alerts enabling weather-dependent industries around the globe to increase safety and efficiency.

UBIMET’s expertise and reliable weather solutions have convinced customers from industries such as aviation and rail, construction, energy, insurance, media as well as event organizers. UBIMET has delivered accurate weather data to Formula 1 since 2014, and our services are widely used by the Australian Sailing Team, PGA, FFA and other major sports organizations.

The company was founded as a start-up by Michael Fassnauer and Manfred Spatzierer in Vienna in 2004. The two founders, driven by a passion for meteorology, are still the driving force behind the company today. Red Bull has been a strategic partner since 2012, expanding the company’s global reach.


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