TurboPlay Welcomes Steve Krueger as First Member of the Board of Advisors

TurboPlay Corporation (“TurboPlay” or the “Company”), the world’s most rewarding, personalized video games marketplace, is pleased to announce the addition of Steve Krueger as the first member of TurboPlay’s Board of Advisors. Steve is a high-performing eCommerce executive and a 15 year veteran in the digital commerce industry. He is a founding partner of a leading eCommerce agency, JIBE, as well as RISE, an eCommerce accelerator. His company plays an integral partnership role in the origination & development of platforms such as Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce.

While building JIBE, Steve has led and built teams who have worked alongside brands such as Arc’teryx, SEGA, Relic Entertainment, Klei, Symantec, Sony BMG, Warner Bros, and Mac’s Convenience Stores. He brings a wealth of leadership experience and expertise in guiding TurboPlay into building a high-performing, revenue and profit-generating, enterprise-grade marketplace designed for the video games industry. Last week, TurboPlay announced a significant technological breakthrough that is needed to create a global, highly scalable and fault-tolerant network. This achievement would not have been possible without Steve’s expertise and the dedication of his team at JIBE.

“Steve Krueger and his extremely talented team at JIBE have been an invaluable partner for TurboPlay,” said Vince McMullin, CEO and Co-Founder of TurboPlay. “Our teams have worked brilliantly together over the past 11 months to create novel, state of the art technology that we are beyond excited to bring to market in the near term. We are thrilled to have Steve on as an investor and advisor, and thank him for trusting in our vision when it was no more than a concept. He is the guiding architect of our ideal two-sided marketplace that finally gives video game developers and consumers the features and experience they have been demanding for nearly 15 years.”

The Company is also pleased to report that JIBE has invested into TurboPlay; a significant vote of confidence in TurboPlay’s management team and their ability to execute on an opportunity of this scale and magnitude using the technology they are helping build and integrate. 

Seed Round Opened

The Company recently announced the opening of their first participation round for seed capital that will help bridge the company into initial revenues. The Company is seeking to make new inroads into global investment hubs, and seeking strategic investment from the video gaming, fintech and blockchain communities. 

About TurboPlay

TurboPlay is the world’s most rewarding, personalized video games marketplace set to launch in H2/2019. Headquartered in Fredericton, New Brunswick, TurboPlay is led by a dream team of video game industry leaders with 100+ years experience. Built-in collaboration with award-winning eCommerce agency JIBE, TurboPlay successfully blends technology and ideas to create novel solutions for the eCommerce and gaming industries. TurboPlay is proud to partner with other visionary pioneers in gaming like Bitraider, AcceleratXR and Xenko. TurboPlay has amassed a library of over 130 high-quality indie titles, over 40 developers and 5 publishers, with more added every week.

Contact Information

Investment queries: invest@turboplay.com

PR information: Stride PR: zack@stridepr.com

Twitter: @TurboPlay

Instagram: @TurboPlayOfficial

Facebook: @TurboPlayOfficial​

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