Turbo Talk Live Presents Roundtable on Racism in America With Star Athletes Renee Montgomery, Quandre Diggs and Ashley Spencer, and Members of Law Enforcement

On the latest Turbo Talk Livestream, Robert Turbin and Bridget Case hosted a lively but critical discussion on racism and how to tackle it on all fronts.

As part of the ongoing Turbo Talk Livestream series on Twitch, Super Bowl-winning running back Robert Turbin and Ex-NFL Cheerleader Bridget Case hosted a roundtable on Racism in America, a dialogue between star athletes and members of law enforcement on racism and ways to combat it head-on. ​

The June 30 roundtable pulled in more than 148,000 live viewers and featured the unique perspectives of WNBA Superstar Renee Montgomery, NFL Cornerback Quandre Diggs, Olympic Track and Field Medalist Ashley Spencer and an active duty law enforcement official, each coming together to discuss the racial equality crisis now sweeping the nation.

Turbin’s latest roundtable also raised money for the Equal Justice Initiative, a nonprofit committed to fighting racial injustice and ending excessive punishment and mass incarceration across the United States.

Turbo Talk Live is committed to providing an ongoing forum for open, thoughtful discussion and dialogue among athletes, business leaders, celebrities and public officials about the issues affecting the country today. The Turbo Talk Roundtable Series is the result of close collaboration between Robert Turbin, Bridget Case and Matt Rodgers, longtime business partner and manager of Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson.

The next episode of the Turbo Talk Live Series is scheduled for July 8, 2020. Future livestreams can be accessed at https://www.twitch.tv/robertjturbin.

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