Turbo Talk Live Presents an Open Conversation With Robert Turbin and Ken Griffey Jr. About Baseball, Social Justice, and Current Events

As part of the ongoing Turbo Talk Livestream series on Twitch, Super Bowl running back Robert Turbin and co-host Bridget Case had the opportunity to speak with Baseball Hall of Famer and 13-time All-Star Ken Griffey Jr, covering topics ranging from baseball in the time of COVID-19 to social justice and race, and injuries and surgeries never before disclosed. In a live, unedited, and completely raw 90 minute interview “The Kid” opens up like we’ve never seen him before

“Junior”, Rob, and Bridget discussed Junior’s unwavering faith that baseball would conquer the COVID-19 panic and career highlights ranging from playing with his father in Seattle to his fight against racism in Major League Baseball by pioneering players wearing the number “42” in honor of Jackie Robinson. “The one thing I always admired about Jackie Robinson was that he had the courage not to fight," said Griffey. "I called commissioner Bud Selig and asked if I could wear number 42 ...The next day he calls me back and asks, 'Do you mind if everyone wears 42?'"

This intimate conversation continues the mission of Turbo Talk Live to create a forum for open conversation and critical discussion about the issues that affect the country today. Turbo Talk Live will continue to host athletes, celebrities, business leaders, and people from all professions to foster open conversation and create a forum for dialogue. 

Link to Livestream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/660629431  

Link for future Livestreams: https://www.twitch.tv/robertjturbin

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Source: TurboTalk