Runnin4U Foundation's Robert Turbin to Join Twitch's Streaming Service

Robert Turbin's presence on Twitch will connect and grow with fans around the world.

Super Bowl-winning running back Robert "Turbo" Turbin is excited to announce he will be joining Twitch, the popular interactive video streaming and entertainment service connecting millions of gamers from around the world.

Made official during a recent videocast with HBO's Ballers Star Donovan Carter, the Turbin-Twitch team-up is seen as a win-win that will benefit both sides for years to come, including Turbin's devoted Twitch and football fanbase.

"I chose to work with Twitch because they are a great company with phenomenally innovative ideas that allow me to engage with fans all over the world, and to directly build relationships with them," says Turbin. "I'm able to be more open and show a side to my fanbase that they perhaps have never seen."

As Twitch partner and member, Robert Turbin will not only be tackling such classic sport franchise games as Madden and NBA2K, but also streaming new games and fun home videos that will enable interactions across his entire Twitch following. Additionally, Turbin will also be hosting Turbo Talk Live, an all-new talk show connecting Turbin fans with their favorite NFL pro each day at 1 pm PST.

Founded in 2011, Twitch is host to millions of gamers, content creators and entertainment seekers from throughout the world, allowing people from every walk of life to create, share and discuss their favorite video games, sports teams, music and interests anywhere at any time.

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About: Robert Turbin is founder of the Runnin4U Foundation, a nonprofit that raises awareness of Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy across the country.


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Source: Running4U Foundation