"Tuff Chuck" Energy Drink Receives Great Response on Indiegogo

TUFF CHUCK promises a healthy energy boost for hours without the harmful downsides of calories and sugar.

​​​​​​​​Dallas based senior Chemical Engineer Hans Anklis has recently launched a crowd funding campaign at Indiegogo seeking support for his futuristic energy drink Tuff Chuck. The breakthrough drink assures amazing energy at great price without the harmful downsides of sugar and calorie. The crowd funding campaign have been successfully funded and raised 110% with still 25 days to go. The founder strongly believes in giving back to the community and has committed to donate 2% of all funds raised to St. Jude Children’s research Hospital.

 “Our contemporary busy life demands us to be high on energy all the time. Yes, there are energy drinks to help you but after a few hours of the immediate energy shot; you invariably end up crashing given the huge sugar presence in such drinks. In fact, with high sugar and calorie make, these regular energy drinks pose serious health disaster. However, Tuff Chuck is here to change all that for better by offering you a unique superior energy drink that will get you your desired energy boost but without the negative side effects of calories and sugar. With a zero-sugar and zero-calorie make, it would be your ultimate buddy whenever you need a healthy dose of energy. But such a game-changing project demands a robust financial backup and hence the crowdfunding campaign. Your generous support will be much appreciated”, stated Hans while announcing the crowdfunding campaign.

TUFF CHUCK: Amazing Energy for Amazing People! Zero Calories, Zero Sugar with Amazing Taste for a GREAT PRICE

Hans Anklis, CEO

Tuff Chuck comes in a handy lightweight 2 oz. bottle which can easily fit into pockets or purses. Half-a-bottle gulp early morning will be enough to go almost through the day and the rest could be used for the next day. Hans assured a great smooth berry taste and an amazing price of $30 for as many as 12 bottles with free shipping for US customers.

“Tuff Chuck will provide you with a great energy boost whenever you need it- whether you are working late at night or are just back from a night-long exhausting party. It assures a healthier route to rejuvenate the body, revitalize the breath and refresh your energy. Just shake the bottle, twist the lip, gulp and you are ON. As it takes a team to do great things and your collaboration and support are much needed to bring this futuristic product into reality.”

Great crowd funding video with some highly creative artistic scenery featuring: A fairy, a Fuzzy cat, Beautiful girls gone-shopping plus a wild Elephant along with cool host of awards are waiting backers.

To learn more and show your support for TUFF CHUCK, please visit the crowd funding campaign here @ https://igg.me/at/LSAu577ghcM

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​Hans Anklis

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