TravelPerk's New Policies & Approvals Brings Automation to Business Travel

Business travel platform TravelPerk has launched game-changing new tools to create customized travel policies in minutes and empower employees to manage their trips directly.

Automated Travel Policy & Approval Workflows

TravelPerk, the next generation platform to book and manage all business travel in one place, has launched its new automated policies and approval workflows. The new product enables companies of all sizes to fully manage and automate their business travel program through a simple set of predefined booking rules that can be setup in minutes.

In a $1.2 trillion dollar industry, this is a critical breakthrough as millions of companies either don’t have a travel policy or waste countless hours manually enforcing travel programs only to have travelers book out of policy due to necessity. Now every company can install a customized travel program in minutes and have it self-manage their company-wide policy. Managers enjoy more visibility and control, travelers have clarity and autonomy, and administrators are freed from manually enforcing the booking process.

"With this new launch, companies can create, rollout and automate customized business travel programs in minutes"

Javier Suarez, co-founder & CPO of TravelPerk

Automated Policies & Approvals

Now every small and medium-sized business in the world has access to an automated, transparent business travel policy that manages the booking and approvals process for them.  Administrators and office managers set their travel policy guidelines once and automate the rest. CFOs and controllers can define governance rules that match their preferences, allowing for autonomous self-booking or approval alerts for pending bookings before authorizing each purchase, and more:  

  • Set the number of days in advance a traveler must book a flight or hotel
  • Determine global price limits on hotels or specify pricing by destination
  • Allow different cabin classes based on flight duration
  • Automate the approval process or manually authorize each pending booking

TravelPerk already offers the world’s largest inventory of flights and hotels and today’s launch unlocks even more value as the entire booking and approval process can now be automated. Combined with their comprehensive set of administrative and reporting tools and their 24/7 concierge support, today’s launch constitutes a big step forward for millions of companies.

Lastly, due to its innovative business model TravelPerk remains the only business travel solution that is 100% free to use forever.

Learn more about TravelPerk’s new automated Travel Policies & Approvals.


TravelPerk is a next generation travel booking platform pioneering the future of corporate travel. TravelPerk offers the largest online travel inventory and automated policies to businesses of any size, allowing them to manage the entire process of corporate travel with a simple and convenient UI for admins and travelers. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and a revolutionary business model that is 100% free for the users, the company is transforming the business travel experience for both travelers and administrators worldwide. Backed by world-class investors including Spark Capital, investors in Slack, Trello and Twitter, TravelPerk now has the buy-in to take the pain out of business travel with an all-in-one solution that just works.

Source: TravelPerk

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