TravelPerk and Expensify Partner to Make Business Travel Painless From Start to Finish

Business travel platform TravelPerk has partnered with Expensify to let users manage all of their bookings and expenses in a single place.

Expensify TravelPerk Partnership April 2017

TravelPerk, the next generation platform to book and manage all business travel in one place, announced today a strategic partnership with Expensify, the fastest-growing expense reporting software company worldwide.

With this integration, Expensify and TravelPerk offer a seamless experience to mutual customers. Now everything users book on TravelPerk, including flights, hotels, Airbnbs, trains, rental cars and more, can be automatically added to their Expensify report and reimbursed automatically through Expensify.

"With this partnership, we're thrilled to offer users a seamless experience that takes the pain out of business travel - from booking the best deals to managing travel policy and, finally, reporting and reimbursing expenses. Now travelers can simply sit back and enjoy the ride."

Avi Meir, CEO of TravelPerk

The integration is paving the way for painless business travel - a huge part of corporate life that, up to this point, has been largely ignored. By collaborating together, the companies have created a user-friendly process that covers every stage of business travel from planning and booking your trip to reimbursement once you’re back home. Through TravelPerk, business travelers can search the world's largest online travel inventory to find the best flight and accommodation deals at any moment, and book and manage their entire trip within the same tool. With the new Expensify integration, all travel booking invoices are automatically added to their expense report and ready for one-click reimbursement.

“With this partnership, we’re thrilled to offer users a seamless experience that takes the pain out of business travel - from booking the best deals to managing travel policy and, finally, reporting and reimbursing expenses. Now travelers can simply sit back and enjoy the ride,” explains Avi Meir, CEO of TravelPerk.

Expensify has been leading a revolution to automate the entire expense management process and is the industry-leader in expense reporting for companies of all sizes. TravelPerk is following that same route by addressing the actual travel management process with a booking engine that harmonizes governance, user management, analytics and travel policies. Working together, Expensify and TravelPerk enhance the end-to-end user experience for everyone involved in business travel.

We both believe enterprise business apps should not lag behind consumer tool standards. Modern employees expect no less. Creating an enjoyable experience for users and reducing their pain through simple apps that just work is something we both believe in, so the partnership was a natural fit,” says Avi Meir, CEO of TravelPerk.

“Business travel should be about growing your business, not about cumbersome logistics and collecting receipts. We’re thrilled to collaborate with TravelPerk to offer mutual customers a seamless end-to-end T&E experience, from the moment of booking until the moment of reimbursement,” says David Barrett, CEO of Expensify.

Analysts from leading research firms such as Gartner and Forrester estimate the market size of business travel to be $1.2 trillion per year. TravelPerk is growing its user base rapidly through a bottom-up business model that offers great value to end customers right from the start through exceptional UI, simple functionality, and complete transparency. Now, thanks to the partnership with Expensify, business travelers will be able to further focus on their work and enjoy their trips without the administrative hassles.


TravelPerk is a next generation travel booking and management platform pioneering the future of corporate travel. TravelPerk offers the world’s largest travel inventory alongside powerful management features and a 24/7 travel support, allowing companies of any size to effortlessly manage the entire process in one single place. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, “consumer-level” design and a revolutionary business model that is 100% free, the company is transforming the business travel experience for both travelers and administrators worldwide. Backed by world-class investors including Spark Capital, investors in Slack, Trello and Twitter, TravelPerk now has the buy-in to take the pain out of business travel with an all-in-one solution that just works. Start using TravelPerk for free at


Expensify was founded in 2008 with one clear mission: to make expense reports that don’t suck. By automating every step of the expense management process with an easy-to-use mobile app, Expensify has quickly grown to serve over 30,000 customers worldwide. Customers range from small businesses and solopreneurs to large enterprises including Uber, Yahoo, Atlassian, Square, Business Insider, and Warby Parker. Check out to learn more!

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