Training Workshops for Therapists Who Treat PTSD and Childhood Abuse Offered by the Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy in West Palm Beach and Tallahassee

The Institute of Rapid Resolution Therapy is providing training workshops to help therapists learn gentle methods for working with traumatized patients. Two upcoming workshops for the transformational training will be hosted in West Palm Beach and Tallahassee. The training is best suited for therapists looking to learn an integrative and less distressing approach to treating traumatized patients.

Get Trained to Help Trauma Survivors. Attend the Training in Talahassee Florida on March 14th.

Therapists who treat traumatized patients are familiar with the challenges they face. Often they struggle with ongoing symptoms that prevent them from engaging in many therapy modalities. Other modalities are re-traumatizing or distressing to them. This can often leave therapists frustrated and looking for additional ways to help their traumatized patients while also avoiding triggering them.

The Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy was founded out of that same frustration. Dr. Jon Connelly, founder of Rapid Resolution Therapy, has spent years working with those who suffered child abuse, sexual assault and other traumatic experiences. During his time working with them, he began to develop a different way to connect with their subconscious and change their thought patterns. Now known as Rapid Resolution Therapy, Dr. Connelly and his colleagues teach this exact method at their training workshops.

These trauma training workshops take place all over the United States. Therapists and counselors who attend may be awarded with 5 continuing education contact hours based on their professional designation. A full listing of continuing education opportunities is listed on During the training, students can expect to learn about the neurobiology of how traumatic memories can be resolved. Attendees will be able to apply new methods that will help their traumatized patients access their subconscious mind and shift their perception. This is a beginner level training that will help therapists learn the basics of effect-driven language and how to aide their clients resolve traumatic memories without being re-traumatized. Therapists can register for 2 upcoming Florida trainings in March of 2020.

The first Florida trauma training is on Thursday, March 12, 2020, from 10 am to 4 pm at the Courtyard Marriot on Northpoint Parkway in West Palm Beach.

The second trauma training is on Saturday, March 14, 2020, from 10 am to 4 pm at the Courtyard in Downtown Tallahassee on Apalachee Parkway.

Both trainings included a live lecture as well as filmed and live demonstrations to help students fully understand the process and the results that Rapid Resolution Therapy can produce in just one session. Attend a Rapid Resolution Therapy Training Workshop in Tallahassee.

The Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy is an organization dedicated to helping therapists learn a more gentle and respectful approach to working with traumatized patients. Therapists looking to learn this integrative approach should register online to attend a trauma training. Visit their website to find a Rapid Resolution Therapy training in a convenient location.

Source: Rapid Resolution Therapy

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