Jon Connelly Hosts Rapid Resolution Therapy Training on January 23-27th in Houston. Almost Sold Out.

Dr. Jon Connelly, creator of Rapid Resolution Therapy, will be hosting a 5 Day training in Houston on his innovative method of working with trauma and disturbing experiences. This training is not only for mental health professionals, but anyone interested in helping others heal. During his training, students will be immersed into full days of intense learning on the effective use of multi-level communication that reaches the deeper parts of the brain, thereby achieving lasting and transformational change.

5 day Rapid Resolution Therapy Training for mental health professionals and those passionate about healing those in their community in Houston starts January 23, 2020 and will be held at Houston Marriott Westchase.

Rapid Resolution Therapy is a conversational approach that mental health professionals and those motivated to help trauma survivors can use to bring healing to their communities.

This method was created by Dr. Jon Connelly, author of Life Changing Conversations with Rapid Resolution Therapy, and has been used consistently to help patients around the world find relief from the impacts of PTSD, childhood abuse and neglect, anxiety, depression, addiction, social anxiety, self-hatred and other symptoms.

What sets this apart from other training modalities is that as we learn, we heal. [It] completely changed how I see therapeutic healing.

Allison Mason, Clinical Social Worker

After years of working with traumatized youth, Dr. Connelly saw a need for a different way to treat trauma survivors. He set out on a mission to find a way to help his patients heal with less emotional pain. Today, Dr. Connelly shares his method for working with people who endured trauma and negative experiences. His 5-day training program is a full 40-hour intensive designed to teach attendees how to implement these multi-level communication skills into their conversations with their clients immediately. Mental health professionals and community healers benefit personally and are able to guide and help their clients to do the same.

Learn Rapid Resolution Therapy with Dr. Connelly in Houston, Texas.

The 5-day Rapid Resolution Therapy Training starts Jan. 23, 2020, and will be held at Houston Marriott Westchase.

​During the 40-hour intensive training for Rapid Resolution Therapy, Dr. Jon Connelly teaches and demonstrates the techniques of multi-level communication. Students learn the unique sequence of those techniques that makes Rapid Resolution Therapy life-changing for many. Trusted professionals have said that they appreciate the process that Connelly teaches in his trainings. Learning the process in the way Dr. Connelly teaches has helped therapists implement it easier with their clients.

See what professionals are saying about RRT training.

Seating is limited and is first come first serve. Classes start Jan. 23. Register online for the Houston Rapid Resolution Therapy Training.

The 5 Day Training in Houston is for professionals and those who have a passion to help transform lives in their community-lives that are hindered by emotional pain. It includes 40 hours of high energy demonstrations and presentations from Dr. Jon Connelly. This event takes place at the Houston Marriott Westchase from Jan. 23, 2020 to Jan. 27, 2020. Upon completion, students will be able to facilitate life-changing transformations that awaken confidence, creativity and compassion for their clients. Sign up at

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