Dr. Jon Connelly Opens a New Office in Boca Raton to Help Trauma Victims in Florida Relieve Their Suffering

Dr. Jon Connelly, creator of Rapid Resolution Therapy, is now offering trauma treatment to residents in Palm Beach County and Broward County. His unique approach claims to help reverse the impacts of trauma in just a single day.

Breakthroughs in Overcoming Trauma Are Found in Rapid Resolution Therapy

​Dr. Jon Connelly, creator of Rapid Resolution Therapy, has been transforming lives affected by PTSD, sexual abuse, physical abuse and all kinds of other traumas. Sometimes all it takes is a one-day session for someone to get over a major trauma. 

Rapid Resolution Therapy reverses some of the adverse effects of trauma.

Traumatic experiences change how the brain responds to and detects threats. Often the impacts of trauma show up in maladaptive coping strategies and unwanted symptoms like anxiety and depression. For people who experienced sexual assault, childhood abuse and war, the fears associated with the trauma they experienced tend to live on and rule their lives. The impacts of trauma start to impede every part of the victim’s daily existence and typically leaves them feeling like they have no way out. With Rapid Resolution Therapy, those maladaptive thought patterns transform.

Research has shown that trauma not only change the way we think and how we see the world, but that it can also cause biological and physiological changes in the body. These changes result in disease and disorder that many patients don’t relate to their traumatic past. Jon Connelly has worked with survivors of childhood abuse and sexual assault to alleviate their symptoms and reverse what trauma did to them. Using a proven method, Dr. Connelly guides his patients through a Rapid Resolution Therapy session that lasts just one day.

https://rapidresolutiontherapy.com/videos Watch what people are saying about the breakthroughs they've had in overcoming trauma with Rapid Resolution Therapy. 

Call 1-800-587-2623 to set up an appointment with Dr. Connelly. His office is at 3785 North Federal Highway, Suite 150 Boca Raton, FL 3343. Or fill out contact information on his private and secure form at https://rapidresolutiontherapy.com/contact.

Dr. Connelly aims to help trauma victims overcome their past at his new Boca Raton office with Rapid Resolution Therapy. 

Beginning his career helping trauma victims enabled Dr. Connelly to develop his unique approach to healing them. Rapid Resolution Therapy has been described as a transforming conversation that helps patients understand themselves more and finally overcome the shame and guilt associated with their trauma. It includes a pragmatic approach based in the science behind trauma and philosophy of healing from it. His patients agree that Rapid Resolution Therapy left them feeling different and more whole. The army published an article about the effects of Rapid Resolution Therapy on treating soldiers who had PTSD: https://www.army.mil/article/44335/rapid_resolution_therapy

Also, the National Center for Biotechnology Information had positive things to say about this form of therapy: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6145606/

Professionals are also training with Dr. Connelly to administer Rapid Resolution Therapy for their patients who want to overcome trauma. Trainings are given in different cities nationwide:https://rapidresolutiontherapy.com/upcoming-trainings

What Professionals Are Saying About Rapid Resolution Therapy: https://rapidresolutiontherapy.com/what-professionals-are-saying ​

Dr. Connelly speaks to the subconscious mind of a patient, which is usually where their traumatic past is kept. It’s this housing and suppressing of the feelings and the trauma that keep people down and cycling through their symptoms. With the help of Rapid Resolution Therapy, patients are able to confront those emotions and understand them from a different perspective. Dr. Connelly and his life’s work has been dedicated to finding a quicker and easier approach to treating trauma victims than those available when he began his career.

His research and experience led him to create Rapid Resolution Therapy. His method helps trauma victims, such as those who have experienced rape, physical abuse, PTSD, accidents, or emotional abuse in their upbringing, begin to heal in just one session. Rapid Resolution Therapy works to address and clear the ongoing effects of anxiety, panic disorder, insomnia, night-terrors, grief, heartbreak, betrayal, childhood abuse, sexual violence, shame, guilt, rage, anger, jealousy, and combat or first responder PTSD. Jon Connelly is bringing this innovative new therapy method to his Boca Raton office. He plans to help veterans with PTSD, people who endured sexual assault and childhood trauma, as well as those who suffer from emotional trauma relieve their suffering. He is proud to offer his services to residents in Palm Beach County and Broward County. For more information about Rapid Resolution Therapy or to schedule a life-changing session with Jon Connelly at his Boca Raton location, trauma victims should visit their website or call 1-800-587-2623.

Source: Rapid Resolution Therapy

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