Trademark Appeals Expert Dorothy Easley Speaks at the 2017 International Legal Symposium on the World of Music, Film, Television, and Sports

Expert Network - Trademark appeals expert Dorothy F. Easley, MS, JD, BCS Appeals, spoke in Miami on March 31, 2017, at the International Legal Symposium on the World of Music, Film, Television and Sports of the American Bar Association. Ms. Easley discussed Issues Concerning Multiple Ownership of Trademarks, based in part on her extensive experience in trademark appeals, including her successful appeal representing the original band members of Exposé, the internationally famous group of singers. She is currently representing appellants in a highly contested 11th Circuit Court of Appeals trademark appeal concerning the band The Commodores.

Dorothy F. Easley is an award-winning board certified appellate specialist based in Miami with a diverse range of professional and legal experience. Admitted to practice in every federal appellate Circuit Court of Appeals in the nation, and the United States Supreme Court, as well as appellate practice across Florida, Ms. Easley has been a leading national figure in appellate law, including federal trademark appeals such as Crystal Entertainment v. Exposé, over the course of her twenty-plus year career. She currently serves as the President and Supervising Attorney of the law firm Easley Appellate Practice, PLLC where her appellate practice focuses on commercial law, intellectual property, family law, health law, and business torts.

Ms. Easley explained to the attorneys attending her seminar that “trademark usage and infringement in the music industry is nothing new. The Doors, The Commodores, The Platters, The Eagles, Sister Sledge, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Fleetwood Mac, New Edition, The Beach Boys, Rare Earth, The Kingsmen, and Exposé—these are just a few of the bands that have been involved in trademark disputes over their band name during the past six decades.” She added that “goodwill, commercial recognition, and other valuable intellectual property rights are bundled in a band name, because the reputation of a band is built on its name, which is what we use to identify the bands we enjoy. Thus, the name is often the band’s most valuable possession and one that members will fight to protect.”

Ms. Easley cautioned the attorneys at her seminar that “trademark ownership is a fluid concept that at its core is rooted in property law and turns on who or what entity is working the mark, and protecting and enhancing its quality. That is why a trademark registration can be invalidated if the person or entity claiming ownership is not the one controlling the nature and quality of the goods or services under the mark. Joint or multiple ownership of the mark that members of a band create and continue to work presents complicated issues that are ripe for litigation. In all these joint ownership scenarios, constant policing will be necessary and litigation will continue.”

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