Torque King 4x4 to Be Featured on 'Viewpoint' With Dennis Quaid

Dan Guarino, Vice President of Torque King 4x4, addresses the challenges facing U.S.-based manufacturers and the importance of domestic production.

Dan Guarino, Vice President of Torque King 4x4, an industry-leading manufacturer of premium OEM 4x4 parts and tools, will be featured on "Viewpoint," hosted by Dennis Quaid, to highlight the challenges facing U.S.-based manufacturers and the importance of maintaining and increasing domestic production. The brief program will be shown on Public Television stations across the country. 

The goal of "Viewpoint" with Dennis Quaid is to provide viewers with exclusive content featuring the world's most prominent organizations and individuals. The show has featured high-profile guests such as Southwest Airlines, the University of Notre Dame, Montage Resorts, Royal Caribbean, Valley Hope Hospital and more.

Torque King 4x4 joins this all-star roster, showcasing its automotive parts manufacturing and distribution business. Formerly known as QUAD 4x4, the automotive parts store connects its clients with 4WD parts that are otherwise difficult to find. The company also stocks manuals, tech service bulletins, axle parts, steering parts, transmission parts, transfer case parts, and propeller shafts for 4x4 vehicles. More than that, the manufacturer distributes OEM parts and exports 4x4 tools.

There is no specific airtime for the episode as "Viewpoint" airs to fill gaps between programming when a show ends early, and there are a few minutes left before the next show is scheduled to start. But you can see the episode featuring Guarino and Torque King 4x4 below:

Watch the episode featuring Torque King 4x4

For all media inquiries, please contact Dan Guarino at 406-446-1154.

For all sales inquiries, please contact Tyler Waters at 1-406-384-0270 or 1-866-251-6762.

Source: Torque King 4x4

About Torque King 4x4

Torque King 4x4 is a Montana USA based manufacturer, stocking OEM parts distributor, and exporter of a large selection of 4x4 special tools, genuine original equipment parts, aftermarket parts, and service kits for 1941 to the latest vehicle models.

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