Torque King 4x4 Discusses Batteries and Fuel Cells for 4x4s and Light Trucks

Premium OEM and Aftermarket Parts Seller Continues Article Series

With the recent popularity forming around electric-powered vehicles, Torque King 4x4 has begun to focus on how these new vehicles compare to traditional internal combustion engines (ICE). The company boasts an impressive track record of supplying 4x4 owners with specialized aftermarket and OEM truck parts for more than 40 years. Dan Guarino, Torque King's owner and primary writer, has continued his comprehensive series of informational articles which discuss every aspect of electric vehicles - from a mechanic's to a driver's point of view. 

In this third article, Torque King explores the use of onboard power sources used in electric-powered vehicles, specifically batteries and fuel cells. With decades of experience under his belt, Dan has conducted thorough research on the development of power sources and how they have been put into use in vehicle manufacturing, including:

  • Recharge Capabilities
  • Load & Endurance Capabilities
  • Limitations 
  • New Developments

This article takes a deeper look into the problems currently facing battery electric vehicles (BEVs). The two primary sources manufacturers can use are batteries and fuel cells, each of which is met with its own distinct issues in the current manufacturing market. Dan outlines how batteries are the most commonly used power sources used today but face issues regarding climate, distance capabilities, heat production and hazardous waste production. Fuel cells, the other power sources, are currently facing problems with development. With this comprehensive overview, automotive enthusiasts have a professional resource that can help them decide if they can handle the issues that arise from switching from a traditional ICE to a BEV. 

Formerly known as QUAD 4x4, Torque King continues its legacy as a leading manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket and OEM 4x4 parts. The Montana-based company also specializes in the distribution and manufacturing of 4x4 special tools, original equipment components and service kits for 4x4 vehicles dating back to 1941 to present models. With a highly experienced staff, Torque King supplies automotive companies and enthusiasts across the entirety of the U.S. with top-rated components built to last. From development to final approval, Torque King operations occur entirely within its Billings, Montana headquarters. Torque King offers an exclusive selection of products customers can't purchase anywhere else - look for 4x4 tools, parts and manuals and tech publications at Torque King. 

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