Torque King 4x4 Discusses the Effect Vehicle Electrification Will Have on the Manufacturing Industry

Premium OEM and Aftermarket Parts Seller Continues Informative Article Series

As more electric vehicles burst out onto the scene, the people at the heart of the automotive industry have watched with anticipation of what the future holds. Torque King 4x4, an industry-leading seller of premium OEM parts and manufacturer of aftermarket parts and 4x4 tools, is at the head of this discussion, detailing how the rise of electric vehicles will impact every aspect of the automotive industry in a series of informative articles. Torque King brings in-depth industry knowledge to these discussions with over 40 years of experience supplying 4x4 owners with specialized parts. 

In the fourth article of the series, Dan Guarino - Torque King's owner and primary writer - gives an insider take on how various sects of automotive manufacturers will be affected by the electrification of vehicles. As the owner of a company working directly in the automotive manufacturing industry, Guarino has taken a deep dive into the changes manufacturers will be forced to adopt. In this fourth article, Guarino specifically looks at: 

  • Parts & Components Manufacturers
  • Casting Manufacturers 
  • Aftermarket Parts Manufacturers
  • Tire, Body & Interior Parts Manufacturers

This article takes a deep look into the widespread change that will take place in nearly every aspect of the automotive manufacturing industry. Electric vehicles are on a new level of innovation, leading many manufacturers to face many challenges and obstacles in the wake of the electrification revolution. Guarino outlines how a large portion of manufacturers (mostly smaller-sized companies) will be forced to downsize in this new market, while others will come out on top. With this comprehensive overview, automotive manufacturing employees and car enthusiasts will have a professional resource to turn to as the shift to electrification intensifies. 

Previously operating under the name Quad 4x4, Torque King continues its 40+ year legacy as a leading manufacturer, distributor and exporter of 4x4 special tools, original equipment parts, aftermarket parts and service kits for 4x4 vehicles dating back to 1941. With a highly skilled workforce devoted to the craft, Torque King can supply its top-rated components to 4x4 owners across the United States. Each level of operations (from development to quality control) takes place in-house at the Billings, Montana-based headquarters. Additionally, Torque King continues to work with other top U.S. businesses to create one-of-a-kind 4x4 parts. With low prices and exclusive products, customers won't find a better inventory of 4x4 tools, parts and manuals and publications than at Torque King. 

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Source: Torque King 4x4