Toronto Startup Gets Boost Through Social Impact Program

Community Innovation Lab accepts CubbySpot to Social Enterprise Accelerator program

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A local startup dedicated to helping parents and daycares is one of the select ventures accepted into the Social Enterprise Accelerator program of the Community Innovation Lab.

CubbySpot was one of only 25 programs accepted through the Ontario Social Impact Voucher (OSIV) Program.

The CubbySpot mobile app is a game changer for parents, single moms and newcomers navigating the chaotic sector of finding and tracking suitable daycare spots.

Pramilla Ramdahani, CEO, Community Innovation Lab

"CubbySpot is a top venture in the program, and we are confident that their venture has a bright future ahead," said Alzahra Hudani, Program Coordinator of the Community Innovation Lab.

The program offers promising, early-stage social enterprises, like CubbySpot, the opportunity to gain business training from leading experts in the field, added Hudani.

CubbySpot – a website and app which allows parents to find daycare spots for their children in all major Canadian cities, including Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and St. John – got its start in Toronto and now has more than 12,000 daycares in its database.

CubbySpot has the largest collection of daycare listings across Canada in a mobile app. Raquedan and his wife, Liza, founded CubbySpot after they had trouble finding a daycare for their daughter. After countless Internet searches and seemingly endless waiting lists, they came up with CubbySpot, which has allowed Canadians to search for daycare services.

The site can be used by both parents looking for an easy-to-use way to find a daycare or by a daycare director, owner, or manager looking to fill full-time, part-time, and backup/emergency openings in their centres.

"The CubbySpot mobile app is a game changer for parents, single moms and newcomers navigating the chaotic sector of finding and tracking suitable daycare spots," said Pramilla Ramdahani, CEO of Community Innovation Lab.

“Finally, a one-stop shop personal assistant to replace months of day care shopping trips,” said Ramdahani. ”The Community Innovation Lab is pleased to support the dynamic social entrepreneur, disruptor behind this innovation at our Social Enterprise Accelerator in Oshawa.”

CubbySpot has been making waves in the small business world lately. In December, CubbySpot received the SmartStart Seed Fund, which gives Ontario’s entrepreneurs access to much-needed funding to take their start-up to the next level and provides both seed financing and financing for entrepreneurship skills training to help recipients grow their start-up and make them investment and customer ready. 

Source: CubbySpot Inc.

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About CubbySpot Inc.

CubbySpot Inc. is a Toronto-based company that connects parents and daycares. Founded in February 2015, the company is dedicated to helping parents find the quality child care and enabling child care centres to fill openings faster and smarter.

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