Daycare Finder CubbySpot to Help Parents in Face of New Provincial Wait-List Fee Ban

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A Toronto-based startup dedicated to helping parents and daycares will help parents after a provincial regulation to ban daycare wait-list fees in licensed centres and home daycare agencies will take effect this fall.

The ban will eliminate the need for parents to put out an outrageous amount of cash before a spot is secured, but it won’t get rid of the need for a waiting list altogether.

I'm very confident that both parents and child care centres will see the value of CubbySpot in light of the Ontario waiting list fee ban.

Regnard Raquedan, CubbySpot co-founder

This is where CubbySpot – a website and app which allows parents to find daycare spots for their children in all major Canadian cities, including Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and St. John – comes in.

CubbySpot, which was named one of Toronto's Most Promising Startups by the Founder Institute, got its start in Toronto and now has 12,000 daycares in its database. This is the largest collection of daycare listings across Canada in a mobile app.

Co-founder and chief executive officer Regnard Raquedan founded CubbySpot after he and his wife had trouble finding a daycare for their daughter. After countless Internet searches and endless waiting lists, they came up with CubbySpot, which has allowed Canadians to search for daycare services.

Under the proposed new rules, licensed child-care centres and home daycare agencies would be required to develop a public wait-list policy that sets out the order in which children on the list are offered admission. The charging of fees to come off of a wait list and charging a deposit to be guaranteed a spot will be banned. Parents would be able to monitor their wait-list status in a way that ensures confidentiality.

CubbySpot can be used by both parents looking for an easy-to-use way to find a daycare or by a daycare director, owner, or manager looking to fill full-time, part-time, and backup/emergency openings in their centres. Child care centre administrators can accept applications and manage their centre's waiting lists on the CubbySpot website for free.

The new provincial regulations, which come into effect September 1, will apply to licensed child-care centres and home-care agencies, but not unlicensed providers who work out of their own home.

Source: CubbySpot Inc.

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