Toro Management LLC DBA SYLK® Begins Research and Development Program to Expand Its Product Line

Toro Management LLC DBA SYLK is proud to announce the commencement of a targeted Research and Development program utilizing its proprietary ingredient, the kiwi vine extract from New Zealand, to expand the SYLK brand in its select, exclusive territories.

Mariessa Mahfouz, co-owner of SYLK USA states: “Now that our flagship product, SYLK Moisturizing Personal Lubricant, is completely positioned for full-scale commercialization with its FDA 510(k) Clearance and launch of our brand new, education-based direct-to-consumer website, SYLK USA can now begin the research and development of additional products using our proprietary ingredient, the kiwi vine extract. The unique, gentle properties of the kiwi vine extract are perfect for other complementary products in the personal care space. SYLK has always valued our customer feedback and something that we have heard over the years from our loyal customers is the request for other premium personal care products made with our New Zealand kiwi vine extract. Today, we are thrilled to announce that SYLK has initiated the research and development process for our exclusive product line expansion.”

About Toro Management LLC DBA SYLK®:

Toro Management LLC DBA SYLK (“The Company”) is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of SYLK Moisturizing Personal Lubricant in the United States and its other territories. “The Company” owns the exclusive distribution rights in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan and China for SYLK. SYLK is the premium water-based moisturizing personal lubricant that has been sold in Australia and New Zealand since the 1980s and sold in the United Kingdom since the 1990s. In the United States, SYLK is FDA 510(k) Cleared as a Class II Medical Device. Toro Management LLC DBA SYLK is committed to bringing SYLK to mass market here in the United States and its other select territories.

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A water based moisturizing lubricant and the only lubricant made from the Kiwi fruit vine extract.

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