Tools4ever Implements IAM and SSRPM in DeKalb County School District

Identity Access Management (IAM) has eliminated manual processes for creating, updating and disabling student and staff accounts. Self Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM) has relieved their helpdesk from mundane reset requests.

DeKalb County School District

Tools4ever, a market leader in Identity and Access Management solutions, announced that DeKalb County School District (DCSD) has implemented Identity Access Manager (previously known as UMRA). IT staff at the district had been manually managing accounts for more than 102,000 students and 15,500 staff members across 135 schools and administrative locations – a process that was extremely time-consuming and error-prone.

The district decided they needed a way to automate most of their basic account management functions so that the IT department didn't need to spend days creating, changing, and disabling accounts, while also establishing a standard naming convention for accounts.

The IAM implementation instantly automated user provisioning for intake, progression, and outflow. This process follows the guidelines defined by the district to correctly set access privileges, place the account in the correct Active directory container and assign appropriate group memberships.

DeKalb County School District didn’t stop there. Now that they had automated their user lifecycle management, they focused their efforts on the helpdesk which was burdened with password reset requests, leaving little time to focus on other tasks. Once Self-Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM) was implemented, DCSD saw an immediate reduction in tickets to the help desk; even during the normally busy season when students return after summer break. Now, the students and staff can reset their Active Directory password 24/7 based on simple, predefined challenge questions.

Ken Marshall, Unit Manager of Enterprise Servers at DeKalb County School District commented, “When looking at our needs, Tools4ever was able to show their ability to be very less intrusive to our systems than other products. The fact that Tools4ever would be able to retrieve the data it needed and then do its own processing in the small amount of time presented was a great deliverable.”

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