TLS Holdings, Inc. Officially Launches a New One-of-a-Kind Mobile Sports Sweepstakes App ~ The Winning Seat®

The Winning Seat

The Winning Seat® is the ONE AND ONLY Mobile Live-Action Sports Sweepstakes App where users PLAY FOR FREE to win cash & prizes! Whether you are at the live event or watching from home, you can pick from any of its live sporting events and "Grab A Seat" for a chance to win. Grab as many seats as you want! There is no limit and they are all FREE!  

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"The Winning Seat® offers it's LIVE, IN-GAME ENGAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIES to sponsors, so they may reach consumers with their brand's message, products and offers."

Miles Johnson, Founder & President

“This product is exciting! We offer a fun and unique way to fully engage users, in real-time, during live Professional and Collegiate sporting events. And, it’s 100% FREE to play!” said Greg Johnson, Founder & CEO (TLS Holdings, Inc.)

Until recently, TLS Holdings, Inc. has been in development and BETA operations ~ not only testing the software, but also advertising processes, implementation and fulfillment of prizes. The company has now begun to open new “Market Areas” across the Nation, beginning with its home base in Reno/Tahoe and then moving into California, Texas and Ohio. Depending on the event, users in each respective Market Area can enter to play and win. The company hosts National events monthly.

We are confident in saying we have an exciting, truly unique and viable product for which the market is ready. Our users are enjoying the experience, proven by the fact that they return to play. Our sponsors are seeing foot traffic via redemptions of offers and prizes. Our fulfillment department has successfully fulfilled thousands of prizes to date. Our sales staff is working and achieving sales. Overall, it’s been a positive kick-off and we believe our time is now, said Miles Johnson, Founder & President (TLS Holdings, Inc.)

The Winning Seat® is available for iOS and Android.

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Source: TLS Holdings, Inc.

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About TLS Holdings, Inc.

TLS Holdings, Inc. is a Northern Nevada C Corporation and is the sole deliverer of The Winning Seat® Sweepstakes. Its primary function is development, delivery and management of its new (Patented), one of a kind, Mobile Sports Sweepstakes.

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