Tissot Automatic : True Elegance Meets A Sophisticated Style

The ETA 2824-2 movement comes with some significant differences that make it superior than many of the exotic movements coming for a higher price.

A chauvinistic viewpoint is unnecessary to adore a Tissot automatic. With its fine line and heritage, its designs and fabulous styles, the brand has kept it up over all these years. It’s a strong mindset that helped them push through, with self-sufficiency; much like the mechanical auto.

The Tissot Ballade III; therefore, comes classic and timeless, its elongated skeletal hands and their extended points say so. The overall look is confidently modern, with subtle touches (such as the guilloche dial; or, integrated circles) to bring out a fuller design that fills with an undeniable, adorable charm. The coin edge is an added nice piece of extra, but its prominence never requires an onlooker’s attention to be ushered at.

Womens Tissot Watch innovative spirit shows through the profound amount of care it directs to crafting; it comes from their innate respect for the watch-making tradition. Inside ticks the cal.2824-2, an ETA workhorse, which conforms to its complacent exterior and makes it a suitable wear, both for the formal daytimes and evenings of luxury and opulence. It travels smoothly between banquets and business dinners, between cocktails and corporate parties – in short, for everything a man of refined tastes adores and admires.

But certainly, the question arises: Why a standard (though very high quality) movement as opposed to a singular look? Here’s why.

The ETA 2824-2 movement comes with some significant differences that make it superior than many of the exotic movements coming for a higher price. First is reliability; then accuracy and finally, durability – now, all these three have been tested earlier in the ETA 2824-2 and it came out with flying colours! The ETA 2824-2 gives one the chance to wear a Swiss without wincing in pain! Being a staple in the Mens Tissot Watch in this range, one thing is for sure – it won’t betray! Its 25 jewels and 28,800 beats/hour (i.e. 8 beats per second; 4Hz.) configuration is smoother and also higher in precision due to the ETACHRON regulator system w/ regulator-corrector! Not to mention the gold plating and high polish mechanics. Take the back off and one will notice the difference.  

The ETA also comes with a very respectable 40 hours of power reserve and a little trick with ball bearings backing up the rotor. It makes winding virtually effortless and requiring less wrist time to wind up fully. A large power reserve – as in many cases – with medium to poor winding capacity is often realized to be insufficient.

As for reliability, no wrist movement is abrupt enough to make it miss a tick; offers excellent shock resistance, thanks to the Incabloc method of making jewels float up under sudden impacts. Plus, it’s hackable, which makes for greater accuracy in time setting.

It’s a winner, the least to say, both the Tissot Mens Watch and its movement!

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