Fossil Dean Chronograph FS4542 Mens Watch

The Fossil Dean Chronograph also tugs in some of the modern-times popular aesthetics that usually come with a higher price tag.

Fossil symbolizes everything wearable that goes with an American lifestyle. Its creative roots embrace authentic designs inspired by vintage and classic watches of yore. These iconic inspirations come from the ‘50s and the ‘60s; the innovative architecture decades back now return with unique facelifts to suit current trends. The Fossil Dean Chronograph FS4542 Mens Watch reflects the same way as the early chronographs, now with an enhanced wearability due to its streamlined design. It is tradition presented with a fresh hue, in better materials, as a timeless accessory.

No! That’s not to say this watch started a fire across the horological world. It’s way too simple for that; there’s no complicated complication to place it in the higher echelons of watch-making magnificence. But it is positioned as a bridge between fashion-oriented and serious watches, to buffer the gap transitions always bring. It brings one to the feel of the understated charm of dress watches and gets one used to the weight, so that one don’t feel the sudden increase in heft and find one's future prized serious watch – which could be either quartz or mechanical - cumbersome. It also helps one to learn how to wear it without banging hard against the wall.

The Fossil Dean Chronograph also tugs in some of the modern-times popular aesthetics that usually come with a higher price tag. They are perfectly positioned and intricately produced, making for the perfect step before the mechanical gateway.

The timepiece has a dial that’s smooth throughout and creates striking effects against light. The steel bracelet is richly finished, its links bearing a sombre appeal. There’s no cheap shine; only a smooth, decent gleam.

The Dean chronograph is a clean classic that’s subtle yet strikes visually. It is a timepiece versatile enough to be used 24/7. The crown and the pushers are neither over, nor undersized; its dial (and the sub-dials) is easily readable and the stainless steel casing offering an all-over protection to everything inside. From the top, it’s mineral crystal that offers protection. Dress up or dress down, it’ll suit both.

The Fossil Daily Chronograph FS4542 Mens Watch forms a part of everybody’s wardrobe as a decent, everyday wear. Its simplicity doesn’t turn into blandness but imparts an interesting edge to monotonous clothing and dress codes.

The Fossil Dean Chronograph FS4542 Mens Watch is; however, not a good choice if one like to fidget with the bezel all day long. This is not a sports chrono; rather, a dress chrono without anything loud or extreme about it. The smooth expanse of thin metal brings it the clean looks and this is where everything boils down to the purposes and places one will be using the watch for.

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